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  1. Happy  Birthday @Biondi


  2. Happy Birthday !

  3. Happy Birthday (hug)

  4. Happy Birthday ! 

  5. Happy Birthday!

  6. Hi @Biondi

    happy birthday.

  7. Idk if ur active still but happy birthday 

    1. ANGY



      May 28, 2016 (swt) 

    2. Rhea
  8. Nice interview @Sydno and @Christina
  9. Let's go my country Albania
  10. Hi @Junior ,when you are ready to update the missing flags can you confirm here? Thank you!
  11. I'm webmaster i know very well that is not easy but to move xat flash from to html5,the server account powers need to remake and to fix most bugs,apple has blocked the first to ios system the flash player for security,so xat need to make changes in design and to make the interface from html5
  12. Hi,you need to open the ticket and to ask at volunteers to remove the held,but the System problem (55) is when your account is reported for scammed or when someone is to hack your account!
  13. I think one moderator of forum need to open thread here with name Missing flags or suggestions flags,please try to avoid unnecessary discussions,i make one request for missing flag of Kosova if someone has another flag to input ask to moderator to open one thread or you can open one thread as i did!
  14. Thank you for accept my request,nice work
  15. of course that is possible Please read this thread @Cupim @Admin @Mihay Thanks
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