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  1. I agree that 1 year for a response is totally unacceptable and I understand where you are coming from with this topic but the thing is: The discussion about tickets and waiting times have been talked about many many times before with the same response. The ticket system has been backed up for ages now and more volunteers were made to help reduce these. The new volunteers are not trained on new departments straight away due to additional training and trust is required and this takes time. There has been talk about older volunteers being trained into new departments wh
  2. Echo

    430 RUBY

    I don't mean to sound pushy or ungrateful but we actually haven't seen anything new added to the RUBY power. The different color pawn hats only helped the EVERYPOWER emerald pawn. So really @Admin we have not seen any "extra" goodies added to RUBY yet. What about the exclusive content such as kisses, gifts, hug, using the ruby sparkle effect with other powers such as purple or blueman (as not everyone likes the emerald effect), changing the way the jewel animation looks on the name as users have said it looks like the same as you can do with nameflag. We haven't even got Rubyflag add
  3. Sorry if this has been suggested before but I have not seen a topic about this. We now have a stable version of xat mobile application and I would like to see the ability to buy xats and days with Google Play and ITunes. It would work with the way the current buy page works but if we want to make things technical the standard way to buy xats is in $ but if users are buying with £ or € they will get the xats and day which balance our in there currency which add up to the $ packages. Thoughts?
  4. This year is just a new power? Every year there has been something different happening and last year was good because we got an April Fools power but now another one? I was hoping to see something original like xats past pranks but another power instead. Has xat run out of ideas? I hope they do something later today as well..
  5. Didn't see these numbers on the main list so sorry if they have already been said. 100, 101, 182
  6. Take care Anar, all the best for your future!
  7. Standard feature is what it should be in my eyes.
  8. Hey I would like to put forward a suggestion to have the ability to toggle friends or filter friends into category's. In this picture you can see the users who are online and who are available are all in mixed places in my friends list. I would like to have the ability to toggle friends who are on xat first, then below them will be users who are not online but can be reached by mobile "available" and then finally the users who are offline will be at the bottom of the list. While this isn't a big issue I think it would be nice to arrange the users to make it easier to kno
  9. Echo


    I don't like or support this idea. We have RANKPOOL for a reason and hardly anyone uses that unless there is a staff meeting etc. If a user was to kick me to another pool I would be extremely annoyed. If the user is AFK then they should move to the staff pool by the users freedom of choice. We also have status and away powers for users to let others know if they are aware. The users could also put AFK in their name which is completely free to do if they are not a subscriber or have the correct powers. I understand the point behind it but I don't fill it will fit well in xat chats and will be m
  10. Dental infection, swollen gums and face.. Loving life right now! :@

    1. Crow


      Could be worse dude. I read about a wasp crawling into a girl's ear once. She could feel it stinging her inside her head. x_x

    2. Echo


      Ouch not the greatest! It's just the swelling that's annoying me its got so bad that I can almost only see put of one eye. :(

  11. Yeah, this has also fixed the issue on my side. Cheers
  12. I have already added xat.com and util.xat.com on the allow list and I still keep getting the same error. I have also added www.xattech.com to the list and the issue still occurs. http://prntscr.com/eeptgt and http://prntscr.com/eeptpp // If I click run this time it will display the content but when I refresh the same issue occurs.
  13. Exactly you might as well take the advantage to get the other epics cheap. Just like Christina said they will soon be regretting it when they have to pay higher costs than they originally sold for to get it back in order to use the emerald pawn. In terms of making the epics limited because people are losing xats well that's the way trading works but no one is forcing users to sell just so they can be in a rush to get ruby.
  14. Congratulations @LaFleur, glad to see you join the team!
  15. Echo

    430 RUBY

    Only Ruby has been released so far, we don't know what's going on with Mousie.
  16. Echo

    430 RUBY

    How about incorporating everypower into hat? You would use (hat#everypower#COLOURHERE) it would be the same as changing the colour of the current hats? They should at least let us use the emerald effect with pink, blueman, purple, gold and ruby.
  17. Echo

    430 RUBY

    Exactly, this should really be considered now seeming the price of it,
  18. Echo

    430 RUBY

    Suggestion ideas: Exclusive kiss, hug and maybe a gift?
  19. While I understand the purpose of this and it would be great to allow xat users to set up their own default line of smilies it does however make the use of GLINE pointless. Couldn't see this happening myself but nice idea. (Y)
  20. I joined in 2009 on xat chat and registered with the forum in 2010. How time fly's..
  21. Fix BLASTKICK 4th animation as listed on the wiki: https://util.xat.com/wiki/index.php?title=Blastkick Add a 4th animation to BLASTPRO as all other blast powers have 4 animations and BLASTPRO only has 3. Fix some search results on the event page: promotion and guest self -may be more but only the 2 i have seen-
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