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  1. What chat did you start out on?

    OMG! That chat was the bomb back in the day. My first chat was ExclusivePros (£p) back in 2009. The good old Mario Kart Wii days!
  2. Hello, I have a totally new and random suggestion I would like to highlight in this thread. I have been thinking about how awesome it would be if there was a way to keep track of xat status and to see some interesting things that happen on the site. I have been speaking with @FEXBots about making a new area that will hold interesting status from across the xat website and the community. I am thinking of it more as a "xat records area" and these are just some of the types of status I would like to see added: The chat with the most time spent on promotion.(Paid promotion not auto-promoted) The chat with the highest attendance of users, the highest attendance of registered users. The user with the highest score/fastest time on each ban game type. The amount of users xat has registered. The amount of short names that have been purchased. The amount of users that have brought ID's from auction. The amount of xats users have spent in total in auction. The highest costing short name owned to date. The chat with the highest events recorded (either over a life span or over a certain time period). The user with the most customized simile code. The amount of gifts that have been brought over xat. (either over a life span or over a certain time period). The chat with the most Facebook likes or twitter shares. The power that has been brought most from the powers store page. The amount of trades that have been completed. The list can go on and on but it really depends if anyone wants this? It also depends which status can be tracked and regularly updated and what kind of stats people would like to see added. That's pretty much the suggestion but please leave a comment if you would actually like to see this happen or what types of status you would like to see added if this status/tracker page was to be built.

    Prize has now been claimed and I will now close this thread.

    I can confirm I now have the other winners prize. @LeJan I have added you so will keep an eye out or you can private message on on the forum to arrange a time to collect your prize. Thank You!
  5. Locked Out of Account I've used since 2012

    I have opened a ticket for you, please check your email inbox (the one associated with the account in question) and click the link inside to respond to the ticket that was created. You will need to answer some security questions to help us verify you are the account owner. Please respond to the link in the ticket and not the email itself.
  6. Must have group powers

    My personal preference: gline, rankpool, banpool, gcontrol, gscol, announce, bot, link. If you want to make your chat look attractive and cool you could add: blast powers, smilies, gback. You can go further by buying more blast powers and flix animation to unlock more animations. Only buy the game powers if you are going to make use out of them.
  7. I will send you a private message and assist you further. Please check your inbox. Thank you.
  8. bloqueo de cuenta

    "Le he enviado un mensaje privado con la informacion para crear su ticket.

    The idea of this power was to allow users to set more of their favorite customized smiles such as you can do with sline but it would just simply double the amount you can set. The smilie app shows you a lot of different smilies however requires the user to dig through it to find one they want to post which MUTLINE is trying to avoid and make it quick and easy to set additional smilies and use these while in chat. Firstly the example was put together using 2 screen shots and smacked together using paint (I aint good with graphics as you can tell) and the example you have given is a lot cleaner and shows of your example nicely. Only users that own MUTLILINE would be able to see the extra smiles and this will only show after hovering over the first smile which will not give a big line going up but just a second one going above the first set of smiles. If users do not wish to use the power they don't have to buy it and if users have to buy it to keep EVERYPOWER they can just disable it. Why would we need to toggle the power on/off? It can be switched off by doing /-mutliine and smiles can be change via macros.

    If anyone is struggling to see what I am on about go to xat.com/sjbb and look at the smilie list. Only the first smilie shows but when you hover over it the rest appear. This would work exactly the same for the second line of smilies. If the chat has smilie line set to on then the first line will show as default but the second line will appear still if you hover over the first smilie. I really don't think this will mess to much with the users experiences or chat design as the second line will only be visible when needed.

    The second line smiles would only appear over the private chat area then disappear once the user moves away from that second line. It would only appear if the user hover over the first smilie which shouldn't really have any effect on the general user experience. A scroll could be an option but I am not really a fan of having to scroll left to right to choose the smilie unless you meant another sort of scroll such as using the mouse scroll to move smilie lines up and down if that make sense? I do think that the appear/fade effect is the best way to go as it can easily be accessible and easy to get rid off without any issues.
  12. tickle codes not working

    I have sent you a private message to discuss this further, please check your inbox and reply at your nearest convenience. I have also removed your email address for your privacy.

    I am thinking that you would just hover over the first smiley then select which one you would like to use then click it. If you move the mouse away from the list then it will just vanish away. It would be interesting if there was a way to toggle the second line on/off but really I don't think that would really be needed.

    Name = MULTILINE (I really couldn't think of anything better) Type = User What It Does = The purpose of this power would allow users to add an extra line of similes either above or below the default line of smileys allowing an extra 12 similes to be used. This would allow GLINE and SLINE to also run off this power to allow more customized similes to be used either by the main owner of the group using GLINE or set by the users SLINE power. The extra similes can be viewed by simply hovering the mouse cursor over the first simile on the default 12. Current simile line http://prntscr.com/hj5bac vs MULTILINE http://prntscr.com/hj5e82 Thoughts?