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  1. Happy birthday darling ♥ ! Hope all your dreams & wishes come true.


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    1. Solange


      Thank you!

  2. Yes. Now its 139 characters. English is 256 characters.
  3. Jasmine


    Hi, If you created the group and the name was available when you were creating it and you got a message asking to activate the chat through email, then yes, it was created successfully and it will be activated once you click on the activation link through email. If it has been a few hours and you can't find the email in the spam/inbox folder then you most likely wrote your email incorrectly (probably a typo). In this case, please open a ticket under the (Short names & Groups) topic, requesting to unreserve your chat name because the unreserve process did
  4. The current group backgrounds don't make sense because of how small they appear. So, +1 to this suggestion.
  5. Congratulations @Stif! One of the most hard working contributors to xat, well deserved.
  6. Yeah I just remembered, ranklock. But I still believe that /r is the most known way to reply to messages (what most mmorpg games use as well), if there's a change then I think changing ranklock command to /rk or /rl is better if they decide to get this feature implemented.
  7. Hello! Synonymous (Referrals): PM = The Private Message Function --- I suggest adding a reply command for PMs (/r). For example: If someone sent me a PM saying: (How are you?), I would write in the text-box ( /r I'm good thanks ) The command would send the reply to the last PM I got. Why? This is obviously easier, and it would make everyone use PMs more often, I don't like the current way of sending/replying to PMs. Unnecessary hassle, which makes me avoid the PM function most of the time. (Private Chats can be distract
  8. Happy Birthday!!

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  9. That's a wonderful idea! Seeing it implemented is a great move towards the new changes and features in HTML5.
  10. AwayReason or Awayplus This is very useful and creative, I would love to see such a power implemented <3
  11. Yes of course, this has been tested a couple of times by different people. I think your settings are cached or something. Great, thank you.
  12. My bot has been configured properly a long time ago, before the new HTML5 chat editor was applied officially, after I found this bug I tried to unassign the bot power and restart the bot to see if anything would change but nothing happened. The bot was still able to join the chat normally with the bot pawn, as if I haven't unassigned the bot power at all. I thought it might take some time for the changes to apply and the bot detects an issue with the bot power, but nothing has changed, its been 14 hours now.
  13. The bot power edits are not applied on the new HTML5 Chat Editor, and doesn't properly show meta data on viewing HTML source on xat chat. Example; When a user tried to get a bot from ARCbots, he had to insert the bot's xatid in the bot power configuration so the bot is able to join. The bot was not able to detect the changes at all, even after an hour from applying changes, we also attempted to un-assign then re-assign, same issue. When the user modified the bot power using the old editgroup The issue was solved and the bot was able to detect the changes and enter norma
  14. Good. Thank you. I think it would be cool to see an "upcoming updates" list if possible, to get us excited. (:
  15. It has been implemented! (: Thanks to @Junior @LaFleur @Leandro @SLOom and others who were a great part of implementing the LTR/RTL feature. We appreciate your work and I thank you in behalf of xat's Arabic community!
  16. I've seen a lot of users lately do the "@" symbol then put someone's name, I'm one of them. I suggest adding a feature where when we do the "@" symbol, a list of suggested users in the room appears, just like in the forum. Example: In the other hand when someone get's mentioned, they would get a tickle notification, saying for example: " [Username] mentioned you." and when you click this notification it would show you the message that you were mentioned in, just like when you click a quotation. this would turn the tickle tab into something more li
  17. If only members can use hypertext then I personally see no reason for having an option to disable it. Again... Well done!
  18. I 100% agree with her concern regarding hyperlinked text. I suggest that it gets controlled from the group settings, or adding an option to disable/enable it in gcontrol if its possible, so moderators specially in official chats don't have to go through the hassle of checking every hyperlinked message.
  19. Hi, No one can stalk you unless you have them added & you don't have (nofollow), if someone is annoying you, click his name then click ignore. You won't be able to see any of their messages and they won't be able to start private conversations with you. I don't really see the need for such a power, but thanks for your suggestion!
  20. Absolutely wonderful! You guys go above and beyond on what you do, we all greatly appreciate it! I noticed that bold & underline doesn't work with the Arabic language. The extra-bold that applies to English (IMO) is not necessary for Arabic though because its not commonly used, it would look weird applied to Arabic. Note: The aforementioned features works when you apply it in the text box but it doesn't show when its sent. (Arabic)
  21. If xat detects irregularities in your account and suspects phishing, you may be automatically held, but in your case I would open a ticket. Open a new ticket from here: https://xat.com/ticket Fill out the username/password/email associated with the account Select the help topic "Account Hold" Type the subject (5+ Words) in the message box describe the issue And click on open ticket. They will assist you further with your issue.
  22. Nothing is new, we are aware of this & you really missed the point here Flower, if you re-read the thread you will know that the issue is in RTL/LTR so we're talking about the cases where you begin your paragraph with a number or with an English word.
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