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  1. +1 From an experience running the translations API using Google cloud on a bot provider here temporarily, the API requests was costing up to $1,000 USD a month at some points, averaging $300-$500 normally. So it makes sense being a subscribers only feature.
  2. Congratz sis!! Seeing your hard work and contributions, its well deserved! ♥

    1. Lemona


      Thanks Jas, appreciate it <3

  3. Jasmine


    Feedback chat exists with almost 0 visits unless its promoted. Regarding polls, I agree with you... when there is a major split in views a poll can determine the decision, especially in topics such as that one about( influencers/verification system/celebrity pawn... or whatever that was). I rather see the polls in the forum though.
  4. Happy Birthday omlet (hug) !!

  5. 2008/2009 - Started in a weird chat room embedded on a website, then I found mosa3adeh in 2011, and I became an owner in the first few months. Later in 2013 I became the main owner, also in the same year I became one of the first wiki translators in xat, by Cyan. Today I'm still having the pleasure to assist my community, while maintaining the same positions.
  6. Happy Birthday! 🎉🎉

  7. I'm not really targeting any person in this discussion, don't take it personal, but we've all seen those users, who're greatly affected by ranks, it gives them a sense of prestige or power. Imagine such people seeing an "influencer" with their special pawn joining the chat. I guess some people are just afraid they lose their status with this new pawn, specially when its near impossible for them to get. Generally, I like the idea, only if the influencers are actively promoting xat, otherwise I think it will create unnecessary attention and they will probably be a magnet for harassment (hope not).
  8. Waay better!

  9. Happy birthday, Sloom! Hope all your dreams & wishes come true.

    1. SLOom


      Thank you Jasmine !! :D 

  10. Arabic, English & a little Spanish & French.
  11. Hi, When I copy & paste something in the text-box then I undo, using the shortcut: CTRL + Z, the text automatically changes to: " [object HTMLSpanElement] ".
  12. Happy birthday darling ♥ ! Hope all your dreams & wishes come true.


     Happy Birthday GIF by Mumbai Indians

    1. Solange


      Thank you!

  13. Yes. Now its 139 characters. English is 256 characters.
  14. Jasmine


    Hi, If you created the group and the name was available when you were creating it and you got a message asking to activate the chat through email, then yes, it was created successfully and it will be activated once you click on the activation link through email. If it has been a few hours and you can't find the email in the spam/inbox folder then you most likely wrote your email incorrectly (probably a typo). In this case, please open a ticket under the (Short names & Groups) topic, requesting to unreserve your chat name because the unreserve process did not happen automatically and the chat wasn't activated; They might be able to assist in this matter.
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