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  1. 1 hour ago, Arthur said:

    When are the other hats coming? You said at least 10, maybe 20, and we've only got 4.

    we are working on new suggested hats from users. New hats comming soon

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  2. 2 hours ago, SlOom said:


    Seems to be broken for :

    • blueman
    • purple
    • pink
    • offline pawn
    • Simple pawn (guest, mod, member, owner pawn)

    ONLY if you have flashrank power disabled but if you have flashrank enabled, it will shine. (See gifs)


    Flashrank enabled:




    Flashrank disabled:




    @Admin @Mihay

    Hmm i think i know why. Looking 

  3. For (earthspring) (earthsummer)  (earthautumn) (earthwinter) you got some more options:


    earthspring: wf = flower , wr = rainbow , wb = butterfly

    earthsummer: ws = sun , ww = waterlemon  , wt = strowbery

    earthautumn: wr = rain , wp = pumnkin , wl = leaf

    earthwinter ws = snow


    e.g (d#earthspring#wr) for falling rainbows etc.

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  4. Just now, 6 said:

    Are you accepting requests like how other countries celebrate new year?

    I had an idea like this too. How over courrier celebrare the new year in 1 smilie.  E.g the london eye with fireworks. 


    Top 10...12.. countries 

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