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  1. 1 minute ago, Magic said:

    Power ugly, no smiley to be able to make some combination with another, disappointing this power (grump)

    Woodland is a back smile. You can add any face on this.

    Wobridge - you can add any yellow smiley onto the bridge

    Worelax - you can add any yellow smiley in park

    Wotree - you can add any yellow smiley.

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  2. 41 minutes ago, alex said:

    Ah, it works now. Thank you for answering my concerns with how the power works with size.
    But now, I think I might of turned him into a Lugia. . oops!

    Here he is if anyone was curious to what he looks like now:
    Despite that though, I'm quite enjoying my new dino boi. image.png.d8a283684cdbddd5f07e3f049bb7d303.png

    Cute new little dino

  3. 5 hours ago, Leandro said:

    Five new smilies have been added to tshirt:




    You can add your flag to (tnational) with #w followed by your country code. e.g: (tnational#wdo)

    You can also write on (thand) only 3 words with #w followed by them. e.g: (thand#wLOL)


    Bugs posted above were also fixed and the ideas added :p Thanks a lot @Mihay

    Thanks Leandro!

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