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  1. 5 hours ago, Leandro said:

    Five new smilies have been added to tshirt:




    You can add your flag to (tnational) with #w followed by your country code. e.g: (tnational#wdo)

    You can also write on (thand) only 3 words with #w followed by them. e.g: (thand#wLOL)


    Bugs posted above were also fixed and the ideas added :p Thanks a lot @Mihay

    Thanks Leandro!

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  2. Or a nice pawn with an award. Bronze, silver or gold badge on pawn. 


    An user with a bronze badge will get good ideas to create nice games  and he/she  will nr awarded with silver  or maybe gold  badge on the pawn.


    In this way other users will know how games are really  good  ideas.


    Matrix  pawn  a good idea too.

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