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  1. Thanks for posting it! Enjoy the power!

    1 minute ago, Enter said:

    Darefresh looks nice, inspired by the Facebook "poke" feature maybe? Gonna have a blast using this smiley for memes hahaha! Nice power 8-)

    Ha!!  Yes. Thanks!(hippo)

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  2. 6 hours ago, Abrahan said:

    A constructive criticism:


    I've always admired the creativity that Mihay has as a Smiley Maker, but In terms of quality you should try to improve a little, the lines seem as if they were drawn with a pencil. The aforementioned makes the new powers look a bit dated compared to the old ones when it should be the opposite! 

    Thank you for your opinion!

    I'll take that as a suggestion! ūüėä

    3 hours ago, NoSense said:

    beautiful design mihay congrat, impressive these smileys  S_(scaryxmas)_40 S_(badsanta)_40 S_(hallowman)_40S_(pknxmas)_40 S_(reindeerskull)_40 S_(santaskull)_40


    it's not easy to create smileys, I know very well, you are really talented!! and you did almost 3 powers in 3 weeks!! WOW...

    Thank you so much  NoSense !!,

    Yes 3 nice weeks!

    22 minutes ago, RobFerrari said:

    I don't usually say it, but I loved this one. It seems inspired by The Nightmare Before Christmas.
    Very detailed each smilie, new designs, new creativity, good combination of Halloween with Christmas.

    Halloween ends tomorrow, but the next day Christmas begins!!  (toj) (ok)

    Yes, until Christmas, santa will become a *good person* , with nice gifts!

    2 hours ago, Page said:

    The work is amazing, both Scaryxmas and Miedo, are very beautiful, fun and are looking great! 
    Our smileymakers have made an amazing job, thank you for sharing your talent with us, I hope we have more powers like that.

    Thanks for your opinion  Page !

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  3. 18 hours ago, Solange said:

    Congratulations, Mihay! You've done a very good job with this power, and the addition of a new kiss is very interesting. We normally don't see new kisses being added very often, so this is great!

    Thank you so much!



    8 hours ago, Maxo said:

    Nice power @Mihay good luck and continue 

    Thanks alot Maxo !!

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  4. Hello, thanks for posting it!


    Please let me know if there are any problems (bugs) so i can fix them if needed!


    Also, (haunt) (haghost) (handwc) (haspider) (pknkitty) can be used in many combinations, e.g  (d#haunt)  (wow#pknkitty) <-- is eaten by bad kitty

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  5. Thanks for posting it!


    Care power is for this #2020 (a problematic year)!


    So, care your friends/family!

    1 hour ago, Anas said:

    Isn't this smile old and already exist in Romance power? Just wondering if that was done by mistake or on purpose.


    Nice pawns tho!

    Is a mistake, same name, different smilies!

    2 hours ago, Solange said:

    I feel that it would have been appropriate to release a power like this for Valentine's Day, and not now when we probably expect Halloween themed powers.


    Anyway, this power honestly looks really cute and adorable! Good job to whoever made it.


    P.S. Those cats kill me! ūüėĚ

    We will have for sure, a halloween themed power!


    Care now and be scared soon !(hippo)

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  6. 16 hours ago, Cupim said:


    Yes! I'm very sorry for this inconvenience. We'll be getting to it as soon as possible. 

    I've been trying to find the bug for 2 days but I just realized it might has to do with html5...


    Anyway. It is important to clarify that @iSanty first power works! To use it on html5, add ## e.g. (d#sharkdj##)


    PS. It works normally in Flash. 


    I loved the power. Jaws looks amazing. It makes me wonder when is xat getting a 2nd series of Jaws. We need more of these cute sharks! 


    Also, it's important to announce that in a collaboration work @Mihay and @iSanty created a SHARKFX! Soon available on html5 and Flash.


    JAWS is an example of what's to come. An excellent work from these true artists (applause)







    An excellent writer - CUPIM, thanks for this post!

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  7. 6 hours ago, Solange said:

    Santawalk and Treewalk are my favourite smilies! Good job to whoever made this power.


    I just have a question; why is xmascandle listed as part of the smilies of this power? It was initially released with Ornaments power, so I'm confused. It literally belongs to two powers now, anyway I guess it's a mistake.

    Maybe @admin will help us with xmascandle !!!


    And Thanks Solange !

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