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    Who played worms game?
  2. Mihay

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    Thank you!!
  3. I really appreciate the idea of something new! I'm happy to see what influencers we have near us (on xat) and we can learn good stuff from them on how to be an influencer (tiktoker, youtuber etc.) .
  4. Thank you so much! 💛
  5. That was the idea! To be "love is in the air"
  6. Yea, you are right ty
  7. Poor image quality, that's why!
  8. Thank you, Kale !
  9. NAME: LOVESPRING STATUS: - PRICE: - xats CATEGORY: User Power WIKI PAGE: https://util.xat.com/wiki/index.php?title=lovespring SMILIES(10) (lovespring), (inflower), (lobee), (lobutterfly), (lobutterflys), (lorainy), (losunny), (rollingbee), (springair), (walkgrass) Pawns (5): hb: lobee, hB: lobutterfly, hy: lorainy, hs: lovespring, hr: rollingbee Note1: (lovespring) is a fx smilie and it can be used with some different combinations. e.g (lovespring#wr) - heart with rainbows Codes are: (lovespring#wr) - rainbow (lovespring#wf) - flower (lovespring#ws) - sun (lovespring#wb) - bee (lovespring#wu) - butterfly (lovespring#wx) - xat Note2: (rollingbee) - can be used: (D#rollingbee) (walkgrass) - can be used: (D#walkgrass) (inflower) - can be used: (D#inflower) (springair) - can be used: (D#springair) Spring is near us with sunny days, rainbows, rains, butterflys, bees, trees with flowers and LOVE! Do you love this season? Topic in progress...
  10. You all can see the lavafx smilies (5?) You can see also lavafx pawns? - for me they are blank! For me, sometimes i can see the smilies sometimes not...
  11. Thanks for posting it! Hope you all will enjoy the new power!
  12. Different power smilies can be used with any faces. Note: They are backs !! (d#different)(d#difbanana)(d#diffcolors)(d#difflower)(d#difshark)(d#difsquare)(d#difstar)(d#difsun)(d#diftriangle)(d#difyellow)
  13. Hello! I'm looking to update the power from your suggestions (e.g editable percentages) !!! Thanks for your suggestions!
  14. Ha! That's why i added yesmoney and nomoney (xD)
  15. Thanks for posting it! Enjoy the power! Ha!! Yes. Thanks!
  16. Happy Hallow-xmas Bo - Ho -Ho! Thanks Norman 😊✅
  17. Thank you for your opinion! I'll take that as a suggestion! 😊 Thank you so much NoSense !!, Yes 3 nice weeks! Yes, until Christmas, santa will become a *good person* , with nice gifts! Thanks for your opinion Page !
  18. Ha yea, we meed a mouse xD
  19. Thanks for posting it @Solange ! So think how it was if Christmas were celebrated today- tomorrow * instead of Halloween celebration (XD). Please let me know if there are any bugs with the smilies.
  20. Thank you so much! Thanks alot Maxo !!
  21. Did you saw the lastest kiss? Haunt comes with a new kiss , Try it!!
  22. Hello, thanks for posting it! Please let me know if there are any problems (bugs) so i can fix them if needed! Also, (haunt) (haghost) (handwc) (haspider) (pknkitty) can be used in many combinations, e.g (d#haunt) (wow#pknkitty) <-- is eaten by bad kitty
  23. NOTE: Some of the smilies can be combined with yellow ones like: (hugme#lovecare) , (redface#koalacare) , (d#bearscare) Thanks!
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