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  1. Mihay

    547 TSHIRT

    Thanks Leandro!
  2. Mihay

    547 TSHIRT

    A soccer fan will love this power ! Play with the smlies using codes w....
  3. More smilies and pawns will be added soon!
  4. Mihay

    540 MIME

    (miubrella) is now (miumbrella) (mipower) is now fixed ! Thanks.
  5. Mihay

    540 MIME

    Sure Sloom ! (Y) Thanks!
  6. Mihay

    540 MIME

    Haa!!! (Hehe)
  7. Mihay

    540 MIME

    Thank you all very much !
  8. Mihay

    538 TIME

    Thanks to all!!
  9. Mihay

    538 TIME

    Stop the time ! Ha
  10. With pleasure girls !
  11. Thank you all! Nexts powers will be better, promise :D !
  12. Thank you all! hope you like it !
  13. Thanksssss Juniii
  14. Thank you all for your feedback! This help's me to create great items!
  15. I want a christmas game !
  16. Mihay


    Or a nice pawn with an award. Bronze, silver or gold badge on pawn. An user with a bronze badge will get good ideas to create nice games and he/she will nr awarded with silver or maybe gold badge on the pawn. In this way other users will know how games are really good ideas. Matrix pawn a good idea too.
  17. Mihay

    518 MUERTOS

    Thank you !! We are glad to add you like the power
  18. Mihay

    518 MUERTOS

    (D) Pia, Mihay is jealous.!!!
  19. Happy to see those new features and a clean view of newest version of xat!. Congratulate to the admins !
  20. Mihay

    513 EYEEYE

    We want to get 2 or 3 ideas from users for 2 or 3 new eye react smilies! Please post ideas here! E.g my next idea is for a new smile for this power is to add eyegirl !
  21. Mihay

    497 HATS

    What new hats should we have? Let's say 3-4
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