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  1. That was the idea! To be "love is in the air"
  2. Yea, you are right ty
  3. Poor image quality, that's why!
  4. Thank you, Kale !
  5. NAME: LOVESPRING STATUS: - PRICE: - xats CATEGORY: User Power WIKI PAGE: https://util.xat.com/wiki/index.php?title=lovespring SMILIES(10) (lovespring), (inflower), (lobee), (lobutterfly), (lobutterflys), (lorainy), (losunny), (rollingbee), (springair), (walkgrass) Pawns (5): hb: lobee, hB: lobutterfly, hy: lorainy, hs: lovespring, hr: rollingbee Note1: (lovespring) is a fx smilie and it can be used with some different combinations. e.g (lovespring#wr) - heart with rainbows Codes are: (lovespring#wr) - rainbow (lovespring#wf) -
  6. Mihay ayli is where?

  7. You all can see the lavafx smilies (5?) You can see also lavafx pawns? - for me they are blank! For me, sometimes i can see the smilies sometimes not...
  8. Thanks for posting it! Hope you all will enjoy the new power!
  9. Different power smilies can be used with any faces. Note: They are backs !! (d#different)(d#difbanana)(d#diffcolors)(d#difflower)(d#difshark)(d#difsquare)(d#difstar)(d#difsun)(d#diftriangle)(d#difyellow)
  10. Happy birthday Mihay    (hug)



  11. Hello! I'm looking to update the power from your suggestions (e.g editable percentages) !!! Thanks for your suggestions!
  12. Ha! That's why i added yesmoney and nomoney (xD)
  13. Thanks for posting it! Enjoy the power! Ha!! Yes. Thanks!
  14. Happy Hallow-xmas Bo - Ho -Ho! Thanks Norman 😊✅
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