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  1. Mihay

    579 PUZZLE

    Thank you all !! Hope more nicely powers for you all, soon !
  2. 2 more smilies and 1 pawn added ! , smilies (neontree) (xmaspenguin)
  3. Maybe @admin will help us with xmascandle !!! And Thanks Solange !
  4. Yes. It's a smiley power !
  5. Yes, add twice, eg. (Energy1#energy1#rg#b)
  6. Energy4 and energy6 can be used like (d#energy4) and (d#energy6)
  7. 4 more smilies and 2 more pawns will be up soon!
  8. Thank you all. Yes there will be added more electricity new smilies soon. We release those kind of powers (FX) with a low amount of smilies because they are a bit different as a simple yellow smilie. So, much more work on fx smilies. A power with 10 or more smilies doesn't means is very good. We like to create smilies so users will create nicely combinations.
  9. Mihay

    568 WOODLAND

    More 3 smilies will go up soon! A nice fire effect smilie for you all :D !
  10. Mihay

    568 WOODLAND

    Woodland is a back smile. You can add any face on this. Wobridge - you can add any yellow smiley onto the bridge Worelax - you can add any yellow smiley in park Wotree - you can add any yellow smiley.
  11. Mihay

    565 FEAR

    Good job Cupim!, i don't like. Jk !
  12. Mihay

    563 WORKOUT

    Thanks for this post created! This power was made from forum suggestions: https://web.archive.org/web/20160307232926/http://community.xat.com/forum/site-support-and-suggestions/suggestions/302857-workout-power Thanks to: Sifu (1510462771) -Mihai
  13. Cute new little dino
  14. We want to thanks to crow! His suggestion was made from suggestion power list
  15. Mihay

    557 ACTING

    Please see Mihay's post !
  16. Mihay

    557 ACTING

    The power has something secret. Please try codes: codes are, wa, wb, wr, ww, wt, wh, ws, wg, wm E.g (rrh#ww). More stories comming soon !
  17. Mihay

    554 BABY

    They will be uploaded soon !
  18. Mihay

    554 BABY

    Thank you all!
  19. Mihay

    554 BABY

    More 5 to come, soon ! :D
  20. Mihay

    552 HEAT

    thanks too ! , yes is a mistake, i think admins will fix the hobbies thing !
  21. Mihay

    552 HEAT

    So Heat !!! :D
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