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  1. Thank you so much! Thanks alot Maxo !!
  2. Did you saw the lastest kiss? Haunt comes with a new kiss , Try it!!
  3. Hello, thanks for posting it! Please let me know if there are any problems (bugs) so i can fix them if needed! Also, (haunt) (haghost) (handwc) (haspider) (pknkitty) can be used in many combinations, e.g (d#haunt) (wow#pknkitty) <-- is eaten by bad kitty
  4. NOTE: Some of the smilies can be combined with yellow ones like: (hugme#lovecare) , (redface#koalacare) , (d#bearscare) Thanks!
  5. Thanks! Looking now!
  6. Thanks for posting it! Care power is for this #2020 (a problematic year)! So, care your friends/family! Is a mistake, same name, different smilies! We will have for sure, a halloween themed power! Care now and be scared soon !
  7. Mihay

    595 JAWS

    An excellent writer - CUPIM, thanks for this post!
  8. You can change the face with any others. eg. (d#doll4)
  9. Thank you all! Hope you like the power !
  10. Thank you all! Nice to see users are happy! Ill come back with more nicely powers for you all
  11. 5 more new smilies will be added soon !
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