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  1. Mihay

    HTML5 Interface Update

    Happy to see those new features and a clean view of newest version of xat!. Congratulate to the admins !
  2. Mihay

    513 EYEEYE

    We want to get 2 or 3 ideas from users for 2 or 3 new eye react smilies! Please post ideas here! E.g my next idea is for a new smile for this power is to add eyegirl !
  3. Mihay

    508 SLIMEFX

    Thank you sir !
  4. Mihay

    497 HATS

    What new hats should we have? Let's say 3-4
  5. Mihay

    501 PORTALFX

    Maybe a Portal function power would be good to have. E.g like boot power but something new and nice with a portal kiss animation. What @Admin you think?
  6. Mihay

    501 PORTALFX

    3 more smilies will be added soon
  7. Mihay

    501 PORTALFX

    Nice ideas!
  8. Mihay

    497 HATS

    we are working on new suggested hats from users. New hats comming soon
  9. Mihay

    497 HATS

    also animated glitter fixed.
  10. Mihay

    497 HATS

    Hmm i think i know why. Looking
  11. Mihay

    492 SEASONS

    For (earthspring) (earthsummer) (earthautumn) (earthwinter) you got some more options: earthspring: wf = flower , wr = rainbow , wb = butterfly earthsummer: ws = sun , ww = waterlemon , wt = strowbery earthautumn: wr = rain , wp = pumnkin , wl = leaf earthwinter ws = snow e.g (d#earthspring#wr) for falling rainbows etc.
  12. Mihay

    492 SEASONS

    Thanks !!!
  13. Mihay


    Thanks! There are some "bugs" that i need to fix them
  14. Mihay


    A new episode ! Yay
  15. Eu astazi o sa trebuiasca sa plec la munca dupa masa de la orele 16.00 pina maine dimineata la 05.00 daca este am sa intru maine sa vad si raspunsul si ajutorul tau,,,cu respect astept rasp Mihaie(hug)


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