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  1. Mihay ayli is where?

  2. You all can see the lavafx smilies (5?) You can see also lavafx pawns? - for me they are blank! For me, sometimes i can see the smilies sometimes not...
  3. Thanks for posting it! Hope you all will enjoy the new power!
  4. Different power smilies can be used with any faces. Note: They are backs !! (d#different)(d#difbanana)(d#diffcolors)(d#difflower)(d#difshark)(d#difsquare)(d#difstar)(d#difsun)(d#diftriangle)(d#difyellow)
  5. Happy birthday Mihay    (hug)



  6. Hello! I'm looking to update the power from your suggestions (e.g editable percentages) !!! Thanks for your suggestions!
  7. Ha! That's why i added yesmoney and nomoney (xD)
  8. Thanks for posting it! Enjoy the power! Ha!! Yes. Thanks!
  9. Happy Hallow-xmas Bo - Ho -Ho! Thanks Norman 😊✅
  10. Thank you for your opinion! I'll take that as a suggestion! 😊 Thank you so much NoSense !!, Yes 3 nice weeks! Yes, until Christmas, santa will become a *good person* , with nice gifts! Thanks for your opinion Page !
  11. Ha yea, we meed a mouse xD
  12. Thanks for posting it @Solange ! So think how it was if Christmas were celebrated today- tomorrow * instead of Halloween celebration (XD). Please let me know if there are any bugs with the smilies.
  13. Thank you so much! Thanks alot Maxo !!
  14. Did you saw the lastest kiss? Haunt comes with a new kiss , Try it!!
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