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  1. Yes, add twice, eg. (Energy1#energy1#rg#b)
  2. Energy4 and energy6 can be used like (d#energy4) and (d#energy6)
  3. La multi ani !



    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. mariadance


      Ziua de nume azi :d

    3. Bau


      La multi ani cu numele! « 


    4. Mihay


      Multumesc mult Maria si Bau!

  4. La multi ani.

    1. Bau


      Buna Raven
      Ziua de nastere a lui Mihay este pe 7 Decembrie.

    2. xRavenette


      Buna Bau, da, dar a fost ziua onomastica..

  5. 4 more smilies and 2 more pawns will be up soon!
  6. Thank you all. Yes there will be added more electricity new smilies soon. We release those kind of powers (FX) with a low amount of smilies because they are a bit different as a simple yellow smilie. So, much more work on fx smilies. A power with 10 or more smilies doesn't means is very good. We like to create smilies so users will create nicely combinations.
  7. Mihay

    568 WOODLAND

    More 3 smilies will go up soon! A nice fire effect smilie for you all :D !
  8. Mihay

    568 WOODLAND

    Woodland is a back smile. You can add any face on this. Wobridge - you can add any yellow smiley onto the bridge Worelax - you can add any yellow smiley in park Wotree - you can add any yellow smiley.
  9. Mihay

    565 FEAR

    Good job Cupim!, i don't like. Jk !
  10. Mihay

    563 WORKOUT

    Thanks for this post created! This power was made from forum suggestions: https://web.archive.org/web/20160307232926/http://community.xat.com/forum/site-support-and-suggestions/suggestions/302857-workout-power Thanks to: Sifu (1510462771) -Mihai
  11. Cute new little dino
  12. We want to thanks to crow! His suggestion was made from suggestion power list
  13. Mihay

    557 ACTING

    Yes more soon!
  14. Mihay

    557 ACTING

    Please see Mihay's post !
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