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  1. 467 YOGA

    Stop! No Mcdonald's
  2. New version of xat "HTML5"

    I'm happy to see xat on html5, Good job Admins (Y) you know this was hard to "convert" from flash to html and still is.
  3. hola buenas tardes tengo un gran problema y necesito ayuda de un voluntario para que me abran un ticket 

  4. 457 TRAVEL

    Good job Cupim
  5. 437 EARTH (hug)

    Can you please test the earth hug...? (Think)
  6. New power for earth day

    More ideas here?!
  7. Favorite Xat Vol?

    My fav vol is @Mihay : $
  8. 432 SPACEFX

    Thank you for all opinions about new power!. Happy to see you like it.
  9. 432 SPACEFX

    Thanks !
  10. 432 SPACEFX

    Thank you all ! Glad to see you like it!
  11. 432 SPACEFX

  12. 432 SPACEFX

    I'll look at it! Hmm
  13. 430 RUBY

    Yay !!!!
  14. 430 RUBY

    Yes but with emerald thing on them