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  1. Jeez.. You haven't been on since July 27. Whilst I haven't been on since October 18th. At least i'm back. For now (shock)

    1. Lemona
    2. Alexis



    3. Lemona
  2. Groove Power Suggestion

    You should add the Moonwalk dance, That'd be cool. xD
  3. Win 500 Xats [Easy]

  4. Chocolate Pawn

    Come on. lol It isn't about the dress again. It's Brown and white! so It's 2 kind of chocolates. :3
  5. Chocolate Pawn

    Thanks, Zedd. xD
  6. Chocolate Pawn

    I don't think it'd be confusing as a banned pawn, but it looks great!
  7. Chocolate Pawn

    YES! Exactly in my mind. haha, yeah could be (chocoman) or (chocopawn) or something could be cheap like maybe 500 xats or.. idk depends on the power could be.
  8. Chocolate Pawn

    Light brown pawn would be epic! Or maybe like. Mixed with white chocolate and chocolate like in half?
  9. Chocolate Pawn

    I just caught an idea for a pawn.. How about Chocolate pawn with other smilies chocolate candybar? Maybe? But i don't have a picture of it, yet.
  10. Word Association

  11. Struggling trying to get a good xatspace CSS like the buttons and all. But nothing good yet.

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    2. Hallie


      I tried the google lol. nothing.

    3. Maverick


      I'll maybe help you tomorrow with your xatspace CSS. (ugh)

      Not 100% sure though, so don't hold that against me. (ugh)

    4. Hallie


      haha, i'm not holding anything against you.

  12. Where are you from?!

    I'm from USA, South Carolina. and that's all you needed to know.
  13. Bought a new ID on xat

    I bought a ID number from Choco. 7010701 but I do not know why the xatspace is blocked. but Choco explained to me but before her someone probably had xatspace innap. Maybe Is there somehow can it get unblocked? It's my new ID and I want to edit the xatspace to look good for me. I would never do innap such thing. Thanks!
  14. Whoever posts last wins!

    Um, The post is still going.. so I win this time.