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  1. On 7/31/2019 at 11:32 PM, xLaming said:

    Copyright videos cannot  be embedded,


    I like your suggestion, definitely it may be added to xat in a near future, maybe in the new version of chat HTML5?


    I think it would be a bit of work, but it may worth, and I don't think it would be a power since YouTube is public, paying for something third-party would be evil.

    No, no i didnt mean as power is just the app and yes for HTML5

  2. about Violate terms  is the same when users put under the chat so all who do it just remove the chat from the list and warn the user so i think that wont be  different that when you put a video under the chat cause all users see that.  i understand what you say but same main do or will do in the app is the same they do now under the chat when they set a video  there or Playlist too.

  3. Hello there, i Think the Youtube App could have nicer and better options and would be so useful for users specially for Chat Group  main owners.


    My Suggestion is, That the app could have  this options For example: xat main owner can set a Video there, that will start automatically for all users who join ofc user can change if they want of if they dont like also a playList (if is not too hard) But doing it will be faster and easier for main owners  and embedding the Youtube on edit will be solved forever.


    it is just an idea i think could work better.

  4. I was going to transfer 1 day and when i noticed when i try from his pc i get this Bug



    Bot when i try From Main i see this Normal.


  5. 5 hours ago, LaFleur said:

    "Not now" is only temporarily.


    The xat Html5 chat is able to show desktop notifications, which is why the browser is asking for allowance. Read more about xat's desktop notifications feature


    If you're not interested in using this feature, you'll simply have to click at the arrow and choose "Never allow". You will not be asked again then.



    i dont mind about it i said users who join the site where the xat is  (hmm) ... lol  ok....

  6. 11 hours ago, Junior said:

    You're saying you get that notification prompt every time you join a xat website even though you have already set your notification settings? e.g: you have pressed "not now" but still getting it?

    Every time i join a site where where is a HTML5 xat embed cause with mozilla cause with flash it doesnt happens.

  7. IMG-20190106-WA0019.thumb.jpg.8275feebb57cfcf71e3690fb651b111e.jpg

    Those users are that just join the website for watching any content there any movie etc they get annoyed when they get it each time they join the site. There is any solution or any code i could add to html5 embed to avoid it?

  8. On 4/3/2018 at 3:52 PM, Admin said:


    This should work (not tested)


    Hmm we need to be careful here. Maybe the user doesn't want this.

    I guess mutual friends could be told and there could be an option to turn it off.

    when i join HTML5 from mozilla browser i get it asking if i wanna turn on notifications, but its so annoying for users specially those from big sites with multiple content stream. :( how can i solve it?

  9. 1. Pawns can be added i tried and it worked

    2. The First smile in the smile list is the one that appear Double.(i think should be randomly)

    3. The game Doesn't stop when the first one Win.(should stop i think so, Or no?)

    4. Could be added a stop command(not obligation cause start one restart the Bot automatically.

    5. All users can start the game whenever they want(Just Guest can't)



    Cardmatch.thumb.png.b920d08e3e414c2b4d89a50bd87a187e.png  cardm.thumb.png.49c0989a8b7bad2833607dcfba222209.png  invites.thumb.png.db7e79959be9f9bb2fcbb9ae67eb8c8e.png


    22 minutes ago, Junior said:

    Ideally, we want to be able to run multiple games at once on the same chat. This could be added to gcontrol, though. (Max amount of game bots)

    ok i see

    13 minutes ago, Daniel said:

    Only requires one bot, the bot just needs multiple games programmed into it. 


    Ideally the bot should be able to load a “game module” (I.e. a version of the goApp() function) of sorts and be able to switch between modules. Even better drop the third party bot bs and be able to upload “game modules” to a xat-provided page and run it via GameBot

    i Agree

  10. 13 hours ago, Admin said:

    What do you mean ?

    The Bot will be Controlled for default by the main owner or who will do it. i Think in the  codepen panel should be a place to add Bot owner control. Also when there is a bot is already in the Chat other users could be able to start their bot in? i think if better one Bot per chat at the same time is better cause of the disturb.

  11. 1 hour ago, Leandro said:

    Commands for the people that don't have them:


    !cardmatch [invite/add] [username/id] - Will add a user to the current participants

    !cardmatch [uninvite/remove] [username/id] - Will remove a user from the current participants

    !cardmatch list - Will list current participants
    !cardmatch end - Will end the current competition
    !cardmatch start - Will start the competition


    !cardmatch invite Leandro
    !cardmatch invite Zoom

    !cardmatch remove Zoom

    !cardmatch uninvite 1010206


    If you want to test it out, come to xat2.

    i saw the leaderboard and its nice 

  12. 34 minutes ago, Laming said:

    When you're showing something which is not yours, you are not the "idea's owner' then if someone did a game like your idea, dont mean they used your idea, all those ideas are common in google, people do games like this one for testing purposes. It doesnt mean you're the creator of the idea.

    Yeah as you say (smirk) 

    16 minutes ago, Leandro said:

    I'm not sure some people in this thread knows what it takes to get the cyan pawn in this case:



    You get the cyan pawn if you CODE the game, not if you SUGGEST it. Thanks.

    i'm not talking about Cyan pawn i talked about powers suggestions because if we take it like you say then just smiley makers are  deserve all and admin. There is a place here called suggestion and it is for suggest powers, again 


  13. 13 hours ago, myow said:

     i suggested alot of things about pawn but  no one supported me 

    That is why its hard to a normal user to get celebrity pawn or other pawn they do, because almost in all cases just  users with rank or staff in official chats are supported in their suggestions.  There is also plagiarism, the main idea of your suggestion is taken but they make a suggestion  with a few differences just to say that it was their idea, even you have proof and everything, they are supported by others with ranks and so the normal users just get ignored.

  14. On 11/15/2018 at 12:40 PM, Sydno said:

    There is currently no algorithm to check whether xats are safe or not. It takes time and it is verified manually on a case-by-case basis.


    If I understand well, appbot would allow anyone to make apps. But no one besides a very few volunteers (and admin) can actually determine whether xats are stolen or not. Therefore, it would not be possible to make such app. If a user wants to sell his apps, he would take the same risks a reseller or a bot provider takes. 

    i understand what samuel Says and i agree with, Because when we notice xats are stolen is because we get Held and you know to remove held and show all proof it takes long time Admin should make a way to identify when xats are stolen to  avoid to get held and waste time in the Long Process.

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