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  1. I wonder why if they see that the ship sinks they do not do anything to save it? Will they want to see it sink?

    and less accepting suggestions from different people?

    Will it be because of your pride? or because they already gave up?

  2. This is My Hobby.

     One of my best Covers

    Emjoy it 



  3. Being Trusted Person is not something can be done just saying it is giving the opportunity first then looking if can be or not trusted.(nrd)


  4. For flatters  and power abuser is that like is. Looool 

    M... what a noob flatter. looooooool

    1. Nezuko


      i think i liked u more when u didn't post status updates

  5. i think is time to sell my powers and ID because as this look all that is going down and we(some users) make good suggestions to get xat better(not talking about powers suggestions) just get ignored.

    when is hard to know something is getting down just for not doing some changes someone should do....

    1. Bau


      Do not sell anything, ´´Nothing´  you better give a gift, as I did. (sman)(hippo)

    2. ider


      looooooooooooooooooooooooooooool nice idea.well done for you XD 

    3. Bau


      Thank you, but I do not need powers.

  6. loool after selling my ID all users ask me to who i sold it, ask to the user who has the ID stop doing silly questions.

    Loool it was my ID i dont owe information about it to  any one. Thanks (smirk) 

  7. Loool look  at this @Admin


  8. LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL (dead)(maniac) (toj)(hehe)


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    2. ider



    3. DUYGU


      let's relax  (meh) 

    4. ider


      xD we are just kidding XD at the least i'm so that means im SOOOOOO relax. well not too much cause i already had 2 Surgeries tonight so im SOOO Tired. :P 

  9. Omg holiday tomorow (smirk) 

    No Hospital (hula) Finally resting.

  10. @Admin Why i have like 3 pointless in the Reputation if i didn't comment yesterday nor even on yesterday? (shrug) (hmm) 

    1. Bau


      This happens to all, it is true what arthur said. 

      it is possible for the admin on the forum to do so, to delete points, but I am 100% sure that he does not play with these simple things.

  11. (maniac)  This Circle...

    1. Dimple


      What about the circle?!

    2. ider


      Is Rulling everything here XD 

  12. Finally something fair and deserved... 

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    2. ider


      Oh yeah to someone who deserved it maybe for him was unfair ofc, but it was fair and  well deserved.:d8-)

    3. Bau
    4. ider


      Bau queen :p 

  13. Haters?... Have no reason to ... Just they do lol Two i knew 2 new HATERS here . (smirk) 

    1. Brandon


      Haters gonna hate.

    2. ider


      Yeah Sir B 

  14. After my suggestion two powers  were done lol and i didnt get test or credit loool what a nice is that one lol. 

    1. Gui
    2. Guppy


      wow you’re so cool 👈😎👉zoop

  15. Algunos usuarios que no pueden ni con sus vidas y siempre llevan las otras  lol que Metidos Madura amigo XD (Tu mismo Noob)

  16. All wish you the best But never getting better than Them

  17. BlackFriday CountDown....in some weeks the waited BF

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    2. ider


      hahahaha that same happened to me i got many spowers like supporter and cheapers, ppl who rearely join xat got gold 

    3. Crow


      "Congratulations, you have been randomly selected to get the power GOLD at 100% discount."


      "What's gold? o_o"

    4. ider


      yeah like that Was crow and one of them was on test and he said idc about powers lol 

  18. El que no tiene hecho no debe tener sospechas. (smirk)  (hula)

  19. Getting the dark Circle  bigger  (toj) 

  20. ider

    Grats Manu For Being the best mod on xat5 (clap) (pty) 

    1. Manu


      hahaha ty Dx

  21. HBD Flower :$  Blessings to you Forever and good health and luck.

    1. LaFleur


      Thanks ider! (hug)

  22. Hombre con nick femenino r loooool que payasada.

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    2. Bau


      :d - That´s nice! Not everyone can become a girl! :$ 8-) xD

    3. ider


      looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool becoming  scammer  too?

    4. Bau
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