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  1. Feliz Cumpleaños Bro

  2. oh just taking a look could see my power suggestion was made xD


  3. Happy New Year 2021 to YOU ALL

    1. Stif


      Happy new year ider!

    2. ider


      Thanks Stifa

  4. (maniac)  This Circle...

    1. Dimple


      What about the circle?!

    2. ider


      Is Rulling everything here XD 

  5. LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL (dead)(maniac) (toj)(hehe)


    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. ider
    3. DUYGU


      let's relax  (meh) 

    4. ider


      xD we are just kidding XD at the least i'm so that means im SOOOOOO relax. well not too much cause i already had 2 Surgeries tonight so im SOOO Tired. :P 

  6. This is My Hobby.

     One of my best Covers

    Emjoy it 



  7. Who will clear all these Selfish  kids? :)  Till when we gonna have  Selfish  ppl  on xat Rulling  all as they want? :)  #thatswhyxatsgettingempty

  8. loool what can we do with these Circle Of Dark lol Let them Rule all till they get tired or Bored. what a kids loooool

  9. All wish you the best But never getting better than Them

  10. loool after selling my ID all users ask me to who i sold it, ask to the user who has the ID stop doing silly questions.

    Loool it was my ID i dont owe information about it to  any one. Thanks (smirk) 

  11. For flatters  and power abuser is that like is. Looool 

    M... what a noob flatter. looooooool

    1. Ereshkigal


      i think i liked u more when u didn't post status updates

  12. I wonder why if they see that the ship sinks they do not do anything to save it? Will they want to see it sink?

    and less accepting suggestions from different people?

    Will it be because of your pride? or because they already gave up?

  13. Getting the dark Circle  bigger  (toj) 

  14. After my suggestion two powers  were done lol and i didnt get test or credit loool what a nice is that one lol. 

    1. Gui
    2. Guppy


      wow you’re so cool 👈😎👉zoop

  15. Thanks to God for one year more. 8-)

  16. The bad Circle... where none don't flatter them can join... where none agree them can be listened... 

  17. Valentine's day Coming soon...(swt)

    1. Angelo


      Who are you spending it with?

    2. ider


      With MY friends and patients looool 

  18. looooooool saca la biga de tu ojo antes de mirar la paja en el mio....To be Continue.

    1. ider


      La amistad es mas fuerte aveces que las normas, asi solo se le aplican a algunos mientras que los amigos se les pasa por alto...To be Continue. lol

  19. lol still think it was for frendship lol owner looool 

    1. DuuL


      Perverse doctor ;);)

    2. ider


      lol just honest

  20. @Admin Why i have like 3 pointless in the Reputation if i didn't comment yesterday nor even on yesterday? (shrug) (hmm) 

    1. Bau


      This happens to all, it is true what arthur said. 

      it is possible for the admin on the forum to do so, to delete points, but I am 100% sure that he does not play with these simple things.

  21. The Haters team on forum lol now with... lol just to rate themselves and with power to ..... Here we go circle of haters none can get up just them lol.

  22. LA AMISTAD ES BUENA (smirk) Por que das y recibes favores inmerecidos solo por amistad. lol i knew that.

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