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  1. Happy Birthday Ider.  Hoping you have a beautiful day!

    1. ider


      Thank you so much sis Tina (hug)

  2. Dr @ider wishing you a good life and more bdy to come brother!Happy Birthday GIF by Jonah Ainslie

    1. ider


      Thank you sis Dimp. (hug) 

  3. Happy New Year 2021 to YOU ALL

  4. (hi)































    @Sydno (HI










































    1. ider


      Hi Kazi imean @zaki how you doing? could you come to help me with patients? or @Admin  there are many today so i will need two more hands :O

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  5. (maniac)  This Circle...

  6. happy b day @ider (hug)

    1. ider


      (hug) Thank you Mino Brother 

  7. LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL (dead)(maniac) (toj)(hehe)


    1. ider


      xD we are just kidding XD at the least i'm so that means im SOOOOOO relax. well not too much cause i already had 2 Surgeries tonight so im SOOO Tired. :P 

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  8. LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL (dead)(maniac) (toj)(hehe)


  9. LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL (dead)(maniac) (toj)(hehe)


  10. LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL (dead)(maniac) (toj)(hehe)


  11. Maxo

    Maxo    ider

    happy birthday ider

    1. ider


      Oh Thanks so much

  12. Fair

    Fair    ider

    happy birthday

    1. ider


      Thank You so much

  13. Marya

    Marya    ider

    Happy bday

    1. ider


      (kiss) THanks so much

  14. Happy   Birthday   bro!  @ider

    1. ider



  15. Exin

    Exin    ider

    Happy Birthday 

  16. Happy Birthday!

    1. ider


      Hey Loved sis thanks so much for  (hug)

  17. Happy Birthday! 

    1. ider


      Ty so much (hug) 

  18. Mino1

    Mino1    ider

    Happy b Day (hello)

    1. ider


      Thanks Bro omg are you Back? omg wb bro Thanks again

  19. Happy Birthday! Enjoy! (hug) 

    1. ider


      Thank Youuuuuu

  20. iDan

    iDan    ider

    Happy Birthday!

    1. ider


      Thanks so much (l) 

  21. loool after selling my ID all users ask me to who i sold it, ask to the user who has the ID stop doing silly questions.

    Loool it was my ID i dont owe information about it to  any one. Thanks (smirk) 

  22. Stif

    Stif    ider

    Happy birthday ider!

    1. ider


      Thanks so much


  23. The bad Circle... where none don't flatter them can join... where none agree them can be listened... 

  24. Valentine's day Coming soon...(swt)

  25. looooooool saca la biga de tu ojo antes de mirar la paja en el mio....To be Continue.

    1. ider


      La amistad es mas fuerte aveces que las normas, asi solo se le aplican a algunos mientras que los amigos se les pasa por alto...To be Continue. lol

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