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  1. So sad when staffs advertise you about something ur not doing then to say you are Disrupting... i wanna think is that she doesn't know english enough. But  as i obey, unfairly i shut up XD cause i could get unfair ban better shhh.

  2. Finally something fair and deserved... 

    1. ider


      Oh yeah to someone who deserved it maybe for him was unfair ofc, but it was fair and  well deserved.:d8-)

    2. Bau
    3. ider


      Bau queen :p 

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  3. ider


    The next time try to send just one ticket with your account and wait for the reply thats the way to get helped, waiting for it.
  4. Always, i was tired of that for that i was looking for the solution.
  5. its working for me. try. Don't forget press CTRL+F Type Flash And you will see the options
  6. i solved it just right now i used to have problems opening ticket page and promotion, but i just solved it in my pc idk if could work for you, when i did it i still had the problem but... i enabled both options and clicked there on Relaunch now and then was enough to solve forever the issues. it worked for me try to see if works for you. Don't forget press CTRL+F Type Flash And you will see the options
  7. ider

    429 MOUSIE

    The Bots are saying Ruby is the last test.
  8. other options get reserve too and are doing and i mean for RD not for other countries i said for Dominican Republic
  9. The user you have there doesn't exist on xat
  10. Don't show you email here. try with another email with all you remember and see which one is the correct.
  11. Your password has (. , - _ ?) or something like that? if there is any of change your password first and remove it from and try again.
  12. Really just updating ep name :o ...well done.

  13. ider

    430 RUBY

    Red pawn should stay as everypower no emerald and find another color for that Ruby pawn. is guest color too most of users will disable the emerald to user Ruby because is nicer than emerald one.
  14. ider

    429 MOUSIE

    i will suggest some XD
  15. Ok thank you for the answer and for being a Bot
  16. i have seen many users using xat Bot Client in xat but idk if this is allowed or if is against xat terms
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