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  1. English language seems like arabic XD or its me?
  2. Que bueno cuando uno descubre los soplones a tiempo jajajajaja Ya sabes que no son de confiar(smirk) 

  3. ider

    Ticket issue/bug

    it was my solution for it when i had.
  4. However raid are right now of course reaiders use proxys which i think is detected by xat so.
  5. i understand all you say bro @Bau, but i say that because in a web site where my chat is it bother users without reg they join the chat and get it they get sent to another windows with that msg so thats what i mean, you are in a web to join anime or movies whatever and you get that new windows each time u join so that bother them and stop joining the web if the chat is not removed, so please admin focus on that because when i have a web with like 3k users on it i would like to have my chat there in my web with many users chatting on my chat and thats going to bring a lot of users to xat. Now when u get a raid or something like that easy just putting the xat in protect mode and solved. Please @Admin help us with this.
  6. HBD Flower :$  Blessings to you Forever and good health and luck.

    1. LaFleur


      Thanks ider! (hug)

  7. Is possible that xat doesn't give the msg: " Are you Human? " for bad or slow internet conection? I suggest users can get it when the xat is in protect Mode but not for bad conection.
  8. ider

    452 SLINE

    it doesn't care just what the power do so(chew)
  9. ider

    452 SLINE

    i think is adding some options to a power like Gline then those are my suggestions (SuperGline) Or (Gline2) or (mline)
  10. Promotion is working with http and https at the least in spanish language and English i just tested.
  11. it happened to me and i just logged out of my main register and when showed me that i just continue with and when i got the register link there the id appeared, but you have reason that you say should appear.
  12. Flags + country code is not working
  13. i i have seen two radio are working in spanish chats
  14. Of course has is just because of update. i talked wth the main and told me it has radio ip and port but doesn't appear and in this chat i can see
  15. Problem solved in spanish
  16. Ok i solved the problem i just went to http://xat.com/web_gear/chat/editgroup.php?GroupName=plai <<< i Add the s >> https://xat.com/web_gear/chat/editgroup.php?GroupName=plai then i set the pass and reseted again and still didn't work so then i just click on updates settings and the chat was reset and main was back Step 1 Just being here i added an s http For https >> Like this >> https://xat.com/web_gear/chat/editgroup.php?GroupName=plai Step 2 Step 3 Still guest Step 4 and last Click here And Main is back.
  17. There is a bug here in resetting the xat to get Main owner back this doesn't Load.
  18. Edit settings has Bug specially resetting the xat. For example if you lost your rank and reset the xat to get again appear this Wchich Doesn't allow you to get Main Back because of this doesn't Load. @Admin What can we do?
  19. Of course can be done smile maker are pro, you haven't seen some powers difficult and they have done so don't limit the skills of smile makers we just suggest ideas they are the one who do and they are pro @Cupim And @Mihay Look this example
  20. (Feeding) is a power with nice smiles about feeding like (fbaby) (fbird) (fcalf) (fdog) (fcat) (ffish) (fturkey) and some more about feeding.
  21. He is ugly but is manage XD Stif grats
  22. i know if you just change the id gift keep on the id you had. example i have like 30 gift which are when ares owned the id XD
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