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  1. zz8888 Another Z. detected...
  2. This is taken from my suggestion POWER topfriend (XD) loool i suggested it, just name and some more idea was changed XD
  3. (topfriends) Is a Function power that allow you to add max 10 friends on the top of your friends list, being like your 10 best friends. (tfskating) (tfeatting) (tfswim) (tfxbox) (tfgift) (tfcry)
  4. @muffins @Cupim @Mike <<<<@Maverick toj (xd) Maverline lol
  5. looooooool saca la biga de tu ojo antes de mirar la paja en el mio....To be Continue.

    1. ider


      La amistad es mas fuerte aveces que las normas, asi solo se le aplican a algunos mientras que los amigos se les pasa por alto...To be Continue. lol

  6. lol still think it was for frendship lol owner looool 

    1. DuuL


      Perverse doctor ;);)

    2. ider


      lol just honest

  7. Thats all what i said, but i don't agree with it changing the size of the xat8 affected it what i showed with the arrow was not like that in the past with the minichat.
  8. Hello @Admin since the login page was update and the xat8 is big and no anymore minichat users are having problems with this When the xat8 kick us out like the picture, if you refresh in the other chats you are you will be kicked out too and will need to login or refresh the login page again and all chats where you are. users are complaining about it there is a way to solve it or we just should wait you fix it? Thanks (joyful)
  9. Loool look  at this @Admin


    1. Anas


      p'ider bro (hug)

    2. ider


      hehehehe How are you?

    3. Anas


      im oky , wbu brother (xp)

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  10. @Admin Why i have like 3 pointless in the Reputation if i didn't comment yesterday nor even on yesterday? (shrug) (hmm) 

    1. Bau


      This happens to all, it is true what arthur said. 

      it is possible for the admin on the forum to do so, to delete points, but I am 100% sure that he does not play with these simple things.

  11. The Haters team on forum lol now with... lol just to rate themselves and with power to ..... Here we go circle of haters none can get up just them lol.

  12. LA AMISTAD ES BUENA (smirk) Por que das y recibes favores inmerecidos solo por amistad. lol i knew that.

  13. Done noob  :$ 

  14. @METAMORFOSIS Podrias decir cual es tu registro de xat para contactarte y asi poder Ayudarte?
  15. Lol que risa, del dicho al hecho hay mucho trecho... Por Amistad unicamente.

  16. People who are your friend just when they need something from you...Those are your biggest enemies. (smirk) 

  17. You have all reason Manu as simple as you say they are like that
  18. Algunos usuarios que no pueden ni con sus vidas y siempre llevan las otras  lol que Metidos Madura amigo XD (Tu mismo Noob)

  19. Retired Vols Title are simple and normal users so MEMBERS...
  20. Nice Sline, the BestxnoLCTP7RQCCoG1xWwPghA.png

  21. Bueno ahora espera pacientemente que de seguro Muffins te va a ayudar.
  22. it doesn't means removing anything means adding, and it will change anything.
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