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  1. loool after selling my ID all users ask me to who i sold it, ask to the user who has the ID stop doing silly questions.

    Loool it was my ID i dont owe information about it to  any one. Thanks (smirk) 

  2. Thanks i hope you too. idk whos @CarlosDesigns but seems to be a designer hehehe and nice user
  3. @Rhea Nice, friendly and cute Girl....
  4. Price Update Sell The ID fast pc me.
  5. 340k and is your Also i sell it for ep
  6. For flatters  and power abuser is that like is. Looool 

    M... what a noob flatter. looooooool

    1. Ereshkigal


      i think i liked u more when u didn't post status updates

  7. Sell my ID 8888 Make a good offer on ider(1238100886) PC or here on Forum
  8. When i try to login on mobile using Chrome browser i switch xat to html5 because of flash pluggins are not able on my mobile but, when i login there the web stay saying Please wait....
  9. I wonder why if they see that the ship sinks they do not do anything to save it? Will they want to see it sink?

    and less accepting suggestions from different people?

    Will it be because of your pride? or because they already gave up?

  10. Getting the dark Circle  bigger  (toj) 

  11. to be part of any cult is a choice too, so i think none is obligate to stay in any Club if they dont want.
  12. if members don't agree they will leaven inmediately Naturally so.
  13. But it can be moderated too being approved by a moderator too.
  14. I think could be useful to add the option to change the name of your Club with a limit max 3 times because you and your club members decide to change it because of any reason could be nice to be able to change it. That could help because now if you want another club you have to create it and wait for it to be accepted is better if you change the name with a limit of three times for each group. Just a suggestion
  15. Another power from my suggestion... lol
  16. After my suggestion two powers  were done lol and i didnt get test or credit loool what a nice is that one lol. 

    1. Gui
    2. Guppy


      wow you’re so cool 👈😎👉zoop

  17. /smo could be just for mains too The power name appear on group power list https://prnt.sc/ithzet <<
  18. /smo could be just for mains too
  19. Thanks to God for one year more. 8-)

  20. Nice power, i suggested it XD Some differents ideas
  21. The bad Circle... where none don't flatter them can join... where none agree them can be listened... 

  22. Valentine's day Coming soon...(swt)

    1. Angelo


      Who are you spending it with?

    2. ider


      With MY friends and patients looool 

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