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    That is why its hard to a normal user to get celebrity pawn or other pawn they do, because almost in all cases just users with rank or staff in official chats are supported in their suggestions. There is also plagiarism, the main idea of your suggestion is taken but they make a suggestion with a few differences just to say that it was their idea, even you have proof and everything, they are supported by others with ranks and so the normal users just get ignored.
  2. This one would be a nice one so famous Game
  3. Also This could be added or try to be added and changing name to Bshooter For the copy right
  4. This Could be added to the APPBOT Games Something like this.
  5. i understand what samuel Says and i agree with, Because when we notice xats are stolen is because we get Held and you know to remove held and show all proof it takes long time Admin should make a way to identify when xats are stolen to avoid to get held and waste time in the Long Process.
  6. ider


    I saw it has a Game i suggested long time ago.
  7. ider


    The pawn to Maverick for his great work he has been doing is ok, but celebrity and the pawn for huge xat work should be two differents pawn because the last celebrities on xat didnt make the same mav have done for so or they didnt deserver or they need to have differents pawns.
  8. ider


    There are many users with so nice suggestions and just get ignored cause maybe no completely information BUT THEY SHOW THE MAIN IDEA OF THEIR SUGGESTION, but with the main idea smileymakers can make any power, probably we would have many nice powers done.
  9. ider


    Eventhough i think that calebrity Pawn and amazing Game creator must be two different pawns. (i think)
  10. ider


    i have suggested a nice Game so far to you and you asked to send to your email so check it then You will see is so nice too... xd i'm not saying is better than the mav but check it.
  11. loool what can we do with these Circle Of Dark lol Let them Rule all till they get tired or Bored. what a kids loooool

  12. Lol i knew that will happens ... really lol
  13. Hahahaha, thats the idea of xat.com having fun always hehehe I agree But Limited
  14. i would like to see how the users enjoy with it hehehe.
  15. I respect your position and it is just a suggestion is all up to admin and staff if they want to make it Epic, rare or normal power.
  16. Because will allow you to make a super action, cause getting married and BBF is normal But with two different users is an epic action thats what make it Epic.(For Me)
  17. Like Bau is saying, i suggested this in the old forum But now i just wanted to be more descriptive.
  18. Power name: (Cheater) It's an Epic power that allow users to get Two BBFs And Two Married Married Example: BBFs Example: The power smilies include (chlove, chkiss, chwink, chflirt. chcome, chwalk....) You are able to suggest more smilies. Price: 3000-5000 (Up to admin) Limited POWER
  19. All wish you the best But never getting better than Them

  20. ider

    520 KCAR

    Good and nice idea congratulation for that one suggested it.
  21. Puede que te pida hacer login cuando intentes enviar el ticket, en ese caso seria bueno contactar un vols aqui mismo en el forum o en help para que te ayude a crear el ticket. Suerte.
  22. ider

    520 KCAR

    Oki Thanks A good name could be ckar or kkar or kcar For not taking out the idea of the person who suggested.
  23. ider

    520 KCAR

    Kar means D..k in ALbanian a badword. Could be the name changed?
  24. Si quieres evitar que te suceda lo que te dice @Samuel solo elimina todos los correos anteriores recientes e intentalo de nuevo ya ahi no veras tantos y sabras cual elegir.
  25. My internet was changed and after that i havent login but i have to, so can any vols create a ticket for me, to update location please?
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