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  1. I have transfered twice and the last one i noticed the Ok Bottom desapear. its a Bug? @Admin
  2. This Could be good for status cause all powers are getting done are for names and nothing new for status XD
  3. As the last one in the paul's picture that would be the best.
  4. Could be called statusfx or statusflix my point was, that status scroll from right to lef like Lafleur said it was my point but in led letters But since i knew Led letters can't be done so could be done with other effects
  5. i agree with you Lafleur if is imposible in led like seems could be do statusscroll for longer msgs
  6. But i mean in bigger letters not too big but bigger than the normal one u see in the nick led letters are bigger too
  7. next after LaFleur will be free to not giving any xats to him.
  8. i didn't see that suggestion, but would be nicer in led letters
  9. (Statusled) power would be a power that you can set a long status with 50 words limit and the status would scroll indefinitely, and About statusglow and statuscolor all will stay like s u can use the color or glow u want in the statusled.
  10. ider

    New power (Rio)

    Yeah volleyball, soccer, basketball etc and all those u say could be good
  11. The Rio Olympics Games gonna be soon almost all the world will be watching those games for that i'm suggesting (Rio) Power http://prntscr.com/beu2o9 << i Think as so many countries gonna be there could be interesting making a power about it, with some smiles like this one of them saying (Goool) <
  12. xat5 is broken?(hmm) 

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    2. ider


      Ok yes that happened to me. Thanks 

    3. ioana


      It's broken. Maverick broke it! 

    4. ider


      lol.Mav i solved Forum problem about double post, i just uninstaled chrome and reinstaled and done.

  13. ider

    Hippo Hunt

    i really like it
  14. Thanks (wink) Thanks (wink)
  15. Nice power suggestion Bro (Y) i like it
  16. ider

    Forum glitch

    Ok testing the issues. zZ
  17. You will get sorprised if get added so much pp will use it and love it i'm so sure. You will get sorprised if get added so much pp will use it and love it i'm so sure.
  18. ider

    Forum glitch

    Ok let me test Happened the same
  19. Yes Junii it has more sense however could be so nice bro
  20. it could be an optional name away2. it could be an optional name away2.
  21. ider

    Forum glitch

    But that should happend if we click twice and i just do once.
  22. ider

    Forum glitch

    i really don't know i will reinstall the browser so see if is that i really don't know i will reinstall the browser so see if is that
  23. ider

    Forum glitch

    i noticed that each time i post on forum, my post gets double look http://prntscr.com/b1tbwp And i have to be editing all my post. why is that happening? And this too after i started to have this http://prntscr.com/b1tcmc was the glitch started.
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