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  1. Yes what he say has no sense most of powers are just smiles.
  2. Ok i will download photoshop soon to show a better example. Ty Ofcouse Bro
  3. New power (skates) could have nice smiles with girls and boys ice skating, skating on the ramp and on the street Those are some of the smiles
  4. what they choose for idc, ur suggestion could be taken Vocaroo But they should do it could be nice.
  5. Idk if this topic was suggested before i haven seen. well i´m suggesting a new app llike webcam to be added in Game Apps, and who wants to use it Should open like webcam and all other apps should be so usefull and i think could work so good and make xat better.
  6. Nothing happened but ppl who always spam or use bw or all bad things more Do that when they see the chat like that...
  7. ider

    Leo :p  i had a suggestion for LP89 But i Forgot XD later i will remember u

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    2. ider


      however he is ugly :$  Leo where are you ? in the moon? (d) 

    3. LP89


      ahahaha. miky. not mike, ahahah miky is my GF

      in italy mike and miky are differents names

    4. Bau


      ohh yeah.
      sorry  hehehe 8-)

      mike (shock)

  8. This power i'm suggestion (Timing) look like this More or less in his function could include the same i suggested for speed power in the past this power could increse a little bit the powers effects and get them slower too a little bit something like Examples: (hula#t1)(Mario#t-2) This last one will make Mario to run slower.
  9. OFC I AGREE WITH YOU that is the best way being active and helpful
  10. xat Chat has been without staff for almost two hours, i think should have staff with Differents times zone not only staff from other official xat... Because seems like more of the same. Only a suggestion!!!
  11. JAJAJAJAJAJAJ Sorry for the bad luck playing it hahahaha
  12. is great idea with power smiles and xat smiles
  13. New power (MemoryRace) its a race Game where you can increse you Brain skills, same picture for all users, with faces + numbers + letters, who finish first win the xats or Days. Also we can add (memoryban) as ban game power.
  14. No u can't i tried and it can't be done with num i tested. and as you know num has limited words just 3 allowed i tested on nameflag, or that num sshould be fixed and im almost sure that wont be done.
  15. The best smile could be this (cown) This maybe could be difficult to be done Mihay But would be the best. This one allow users to make their own Comics or names, how? example (cmihay) (cider) (cmave) (cpaul) (ccrash) (cphone)(cmouse) Those are just examples. my idea is something crazy but if gets done would be the best power and price should be changed to 3k more or less XD
  16. we need (Couch) smiley
  17. Yes i agree with Jedi this look like anime with so many smilies.
  18. hadouken is made and got not problem for copyright. Now is possible that got no problem because is not the power its just in the smilelist a power?
  19. Yeah Crow that is why i suggested cause we got hadouken.
  20. Grats my killer continue Like that
  21. New power (kamahameja) would be the best ban animation power, when you click on (kamehaban) a minion goku comes and make a kamehameja to that user and desapear him. would be so nice ban.
  22. New power (pokemon) is a kick power, you can use each pokemon power to give different kicks like the pokemon special attack . example if he is pikachu then the pokeball gets open pika go out and make his pika attack to the user is kicked.
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