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  1. Haters?... Have no reason to ... Just they do lol Two i knew 2 new HATERS here . (smirk) 

    1. Brandon


      Haters gonna hate.

    2. ider


      Yeah Sir B 

  2. Thanks so much i agree with you (Y)
  3. No Obligated the should come and the Pawn can not affect them.
  4. however its already then with namegrad and namewave
  5. Too Normal Pawns just two pawns are nice Gold and purple and this ofc.
  6. They is none idk who is they i just suggested this. if xat want is up to them so. lol Thanks Bro atti for me is a nice pawn (Y)
  7. Ofc Yes it's time to have a new and epic pawn not like celebrity No like 42 one (if he wants yes) XD so
  8. The Power (pawnwave) with the similar effects than (namewave) Could be an epic pawn with a price something between 30k - 40k xats or higher up to you @Admin Something similar namewave
  9. ider

    My designs

    You are an ugly pro Manu grats
  10. Thanks All that u said i did and still i can not just i miss changing browser...
  11. when i try to send a ticket i get this Why m getting this? if each time i do what it says ?
  12. ider

    Free Templates

  13. Will @Admin Relase Purple on store with discount? (hmm) 

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Ereshkigal
    3. Crow


      It's already less than 21k on Trade lol! How cheap do you want it?

    4. Ereshkigal


      like 2k so i can afford it

  14. ofc i could But, i put it there for that same, not opening second tab, and for example when i have like 4 chats like that in my chat is better for me opening one tab that 5 tiabs. what i mean this should run properly without getting users signed out of the second chat.
  15. Pika Don't get angry i got my purpose with you And your didn't start with XD
  16. ider

    Gift Payment

    And the countries doesn't have anyone of those payment options? Or like me XD i just could buy once and it was all for me lol i tried and tried and skrill didn't allow me more.
  17. I have seen this since i joined xat but could be this solved? why if we have another chat down of our chat when we join in our chat we get sign out of the one is down of us if is not the same xat? i think this should keep sing in in both at the same time. @Admin
  18. No Dear Brother i used to have paypall But as paypall was removed skrill is my unique option here in Dominican Republic we don't have many options for like paysafe or coins nothing
  19. @Admin i got a power buying on skrill but when i tried a second time i could not, i asked and @Cupim told me skrill buying limit, then what should i do cause i want like all earn powers in this BF. Shoudl xat add the option buying bf from store and getting a power? I ask this because maybe im not the only one who has problem with the payment method.
  20. That is nice, ty Cupa for letting us know and yesterday i saw after i cleated cache a test banner on login page was so nice.
  21. I was Glad to see the promotion with like 75% discount today Thanks @Admin For.
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