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  1. What other lang has offer like 1 per 20 xats?
  2. That is what i mean thai chats all have more than 75% of discount
  3. My chat is in thai language i tried anothe chat i have in spanish and is normal in italian language is same i was not doing it in banner i was doing in normal promotion the screen all are up check it.
  4. scroll up ANAR read what we were saying the discount 1 hour per 20 xats is just working on thai chats
  5. For me its or let me test with another thai xat It's For thai xats looool
  6. i tried and look and this And look this one with this chat iwth short name Lol is my chat the one has special Promotion cause i tried with other chat name longer than mine and just mine has that special offer XD ZingBot
  7. Bau i promoted my chat 1 hour per 20 xats i say what i did im not trolling. exactly i promoted my chat for 6 hours and cost 120 xats
  8. You could add a hug like this @Admin a little Bit more slow ofc this is just an idea.
  9. Omg the promotion is now 1 per 20 xats like the best ever, thanks xats ( @Admin ) for. eventhough i discovered that if the xat name is short the price increse. however i like it
  10. That is the reallity they gone and keep going xat should focus more in keeping users they when they are focus in things would be nice for users but first is keeping them.
  11. hahahah i had to pay this last friday to visit my parents and for new year i can not visit them so i know that too
  12. This 2017 won't have much party because of is on weekend XD so we have to work after weekend ending as normally... Not enough time to visit parents.
  13. ider

    Grats Manu For Being the best mod on xat5 (clap) (pty) 

    1. Manu


      hahaha ty Dx

  14. Your Correction was better thanks for again.
  15. True just they can omit this XD jejeje its just to let them know the idea, but you have reason (wink) (y)
  16. They have power like Noel < that coms from and other and even though the christmass comes from too. Those are the traditions.
  17. This power could be called (xtraditions) Too, can have some smiley about the Christ born like a baby in the manger and some animals around, can have as smile marry and Joseph throwing the baby can have The three wise men and a big star shining. That is a tradition almost in the world and i think could be a great power this Christmass season. The baby in the manger Marry and joseph The three wise men That is like an idea about what i'm suggesting XD
  18. Yes is still going i promoted my chat for 4 hours 200 xats XD
  19. it doesn't matter is just another new pawn like each other when the new one was made.
  20. ider

    Turtle Power

    i can not see the gifs just the code
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