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  1. hahaha its a mix with two animals Nice mix Thanks who did that power.
  2. The new power (kaoears) With the smilies (kaoears) (kefx) (kerage) (keno) (kesleep) (kewhat) (kesad) (keannoy) (kedance) (peyap) (kecalm) (kecheer) (keback) http://www.xatech.com/web_gear/flash/smiliesshow.swf?r=kaoears @Admin in our powers the power just appear as ID422
  3. New game power??? i would like to see this in race mode (n)
  4. i repeat however someone said Adb can be used so is the same lol
  5. The same if you are using adblock so adding the botton doesn't means the ads wont be there so just for you is the same to have adblock was mistake like everyone do or not?
  6. A botton like this would be better that installing a program out of xat
  7. i have been that some powers with fx lag the chats, so for that i wonder to know if @Admin could add a button where we hide and unhide the banner each time we want to avoid the laggy powers.
  8. Dream im just letting it to get high to bid again lol and this time i will big so high @Admin i forgot to suggest 1988 the year i was born i would get it even selling 8888 <
  9. i really don't want inactive shortname the only one i want i have so it was just a suggestion.... that is what i mean xLamin you have to wait for help but like the ids you wont do that.
  10. i think the problem was not only 5 frames i think was each smile with 5 frames because in other powers not all powers have similar fx, i think so.
  11. if you noticed i said with middleman like IDs sales. if you buy the account including email ofc u will get. now the way Crow say is ok i agree. (Y)
  12. oh you mean asking to relase the shortname to be bough again But i mean that u can ask for offer to buy the short name like we do with the IDs ofc if is possible.
  13. Hug is already working ty
  14. i can not because i wanted to buy an account and they told me that is not permited.
  15. I wonder if this year you can buy short names like IDs too using middleman that would be nice eventhough i think that requires many changes to allow people to do that.
  16. i was testing and is not working yet
  17. The new power banner is lagging xat since yesterday.
  18. They should add hug (un) XD
  19. The hug can be like /hugall fw (msg here) #(color code here) Example /hugall fw Happy New Year#FD0101
  20. New power doesn't appear on banner, Battle is still on it.
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