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  1. ider

    My designs

    Ugly ugly ok no XD Nice bro so nice
  2. Estas segura que pones el registro correcto? En ese fallido pusistes Yomisma y segun xat tu registro es Yoomiismaa(1518795347) o No? Ya de ahi tendras que mandar un ticket como ya te dijeron arriba. Espero te funcione.
  3. Facebook should be linked on xat like twitter link. Yes ofc like u put in any web so that means if you on your facebook group have 100k users there will be many on ur xat too if they haven't download the xat app for mobile they will after they see they can chat on facebook and on xat at the same time.
  4. There are users who are as much as selfish that they want and try to get staff in all official chats even they have to sell they soul to the evil lol i never though that kind of person exist... i know a Guy like that he just go to the xat when he see he could have an oportunity to get staff  exactly when the chat is managed by any of his friend he goes and even the first day he get staff eventhough  he have to use toons ids to say he deserves that rank lol  and using many of his friends to do it lol... INCREDIBLE

    1. ider


      lol  could be me could be u who knows?

    2. JamesON


      :d Be brave and call them by their name ! Dont open subject and include people !

    3. ider


      that is my status on my profile so i can do it always i want  lol don´t know what means personal status?

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  5. ider

    Chat box Black

    i sent the HTML code by ticket as was asked for and is good to let u know in the past it was working good idk why changed.
  6. ider

    2017 powers

    Hey queen XD torch urself plz
  7. My Crazy idea is the same develope the way to put a chat box on facebook Group like when u see a youtube video ofc using the html. is that possible? Hard job but is it possible?
  8. ider

    2017 powers

    did u read up to u? i don't think so even the power cost 1 xat doesn't means wil bring users back me was so cheap how many users came when it was made? XD
  9. Thanks all u solved it i just resetted my browser and the problem got fixed.
  10. Be sure i know all that and i have in the right way Enabled
  11. i have been trying today to send a ticket but when i click on new ticket i get this http://prntscr.com/dtdqo3 and i already allowed in the settings so why it keeps doing it do you know?
  12. ider

    Chat box Black

    if i Embed my chat into a webste and just get black and all chats i try to put get black is that xat block the Domain or the website block xat?(hmm)
  13. ider

    2017 powers

    Power (pawnwave) with the similar fx that (namewave) Is an epic pawn with a price something between 40k or maybe crazy price like 100k xats. (up to @Admin )
  14. Yes, i have asked to the Dominican i have met and i'm thinking and working in that, wont happend sfrom the night to the morning but it could work and the thing is in US you have more and nicer options believe me here we don't have options like there. i have debit card but not all users have and eventhough doing that will be the best and the easiest way to get xats(all RD users will love ).
  15. Which Dominican would n't like to buy xats by Cell phone Card Method Or cell Phone Minutes? That is a way i suggested i guess in the last forum, i have met many Dominican who asked me about and i know the Dominican would like to get that Method and Dominican xats market would increse so much. i wish @Admin Consider my suggestion that would get many Dominican users back to xat believe me.
  16. Omg holiday tomorow (smirk) 

    No Hospital (hula) Finally resting.

  17. i heard was you XD oh ok
  18. i agree because of some haters can ruin nice post just because they hate that person.
  19. its nice, and many smilies that the most i like.
  20. it was pre-relased and everyone is selling on trade
  21. hahaha its a mix with two animals Nice mix Thanks who did that power.
  22. The new power (kaoears) With the smilies (kaoears) (kefx) (kerage) (keno) (kesleep) (kewhat) (kesad) (keannoy) (kedance) (peyap) (kecalm) (kecheer) (keback) http://www.xatech.com/web_gear/flash/smiliesshow.swf?r=kaoears @Admin in our powers the power just appear as ID422
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