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  1. lol rich ppl (crying) but i agree about 55k cause gold get higher than 55k till 60k so the price could not be that.
  2. ider

    Pc Update

    Sorry For that i haven't seen that posting nice idea was breaking new rules i was sorprissed when i sa wthat cause i try to follow all rules jejeje but now i saw that posting nice idea i broken a rule sorry again.
  3. ider

    Pc Update

    i have noticed if someone send me a msg when i was off but for any reason i refresh without seing it i just lost it, then my suggestion is to make it that when you get offline msgs even you refresh they appear till you click on it that means u already saw the msg. i think that could work.
  4. That is the simple truth.
  5. omg i saw ur a pro that look like nice so nice
  6. For that same you will have ur option to turn off << that is what you think about normal users who are in no official would like it on xat party are done what can u say about? we play Bingo and is not Las vegas lool
  7. (partylingts) A Group power that specially could be usefull for Chat Box, when The chat has Party they can turn on that power party light, and something special is that the user can disable the power fx or power light just doing /L off or something like that. Those are just examples smiley makers can put their ideas. Unlimited Pawn : the pawn shining like the first picture.
  8. Grats ugly Bro you deserved it. Continue like that (wink)
  9. So will be that fixed or just wont be able anymore?
  10. ider

    Login error

    who knows more than me about this error? Cuase i got this once but it was for Proxys on the hospital i work but the guy of this doesn't use Proxys and all browsers are giving it.
  11. I have seen that the link to convert a Chat Box in a Group is not working.
  12. i agree wth u because i understand almost nothing.
  13. No really, you just clear cache and login with another account and u wont be banned and you are using same IP
  14. that means the user can't see that because look when i had in the past i could see it twice but now i can't http://prntscr.com/e2h6jt
  15. Yeah i though in that same when i was suggesting it and remember if your Internet IP is changed ur account will get Block
  16. it happened to me in the past idk if you remember but for it i unistalled chrome then reinstaled and it was solved
  17. i have had this in the past but i just updated my browser and it was all solved. i have had this in the past but i just updated my browser and it was all solved.
  18. No sense because with Neon color so u woul not be able to have ep like when u have ep u can not show gold or purple so. XD
  19. Maybe you mean a power like this that i already suggested.
  20. i'm wondering if xat can develope a way to ban internet ips? till know i have seen some ppl say it is now but i have seen too that if you are banned in one account u clear ur history and login with another account u are not banned so, what i mean is if your internet IP is banned you are not allowed to join with another account.
  21. ider

    My designs

    Ugly ugly ok no XD Nice bro so nice
  22. Estas segura que pones el registro correcto? En ese fallido pusistes Yomisma y segun xat tu registro es Yoomiismaa(1518795347) o No? Ya de ahi tendras que mandar un ticket como ya te dijeron arriba. Espero te funcione.
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