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  1. Celebrities deserve it? lol Stupid? hahaha (Y)
  2. Hello There, I think it would be a good idea to create recognition for the doctors who are in xat, a pawn color that identifies them as doctors would be super cool. Of course users to won it will have to show their proofs. That will be a process like people to get Celebrity pawn. For those who fights everyday face to face with this pandemic. Later will add some pawn ideas or if someone wanna add it is free to do so.
  3. ider

    Api Key Bug

    Hey sory for the delay, Yes now its working as well. Thank you all(Y)
  4. Thats not fair cause if i was the one who send the xats/days and i dont have the power then i would not be able to see it and also that would not be possible if you have no days i think so ifor me that option should be unfair creating a new power for it better updating events one.
  5. That was what i though that each user can see their own transferhistory but that option is needed. Probably the one who reported that was against of termns was an scammer XD. Then the termns must be updated if nothing of these suggestions can't be done. as Ashley said that could be done using just limited by the one receive xats or the one who send them or as i said updating the events limited to those i just mentioned just for those two.
  6. Hello there, i have heard the transferhistory command was disable by admin but today i saw something happened to a friend and was that she transfered some days to someone a he said it wasnt true i tried to use that command and it didnt work. So we have to wait for long time to know it when with a simple command we could know it? Cause sending ticket means waiting long time to see something we need to solve inmediately. Then maybe events power should be updated and added that option available. i think we need a fast way to see Transfer History. Thanks
  7. There gonna be questions about some smilies? or how exactly ? Thanks for that Super Epic prize and contest
  8. ider

    Api Key Bug

    Sorry i will try it tomorow. Thanks
  9. ider

    Api Key Bug

    i have been trying to get the Api key but without getting it 1st. screen after login https://prnt.sc/sdtuzt 2nd. Seleccting Reset and show api key https://prnt.sc/sdtvs2 3rd. After Updating settings https://prnt.sc/sdtxdj
  10. ider

    Mommy Power

    This power would be nice for mothersday with some nice smilies. Power: (mommy) Smilies (mdance) (mschool) (mdrive) (mthinking) (mlove) Thinking in more smilies you can suggest more smilies
  11. Yeah But on wiki there is one they've made a code for to be under chat groups. Thats the one i mean. Look here the BS xat created a code for.
  12. Hello there i have seen the Bubble shooter code you have posted But i would like to know if is possible to add new and better one. This one use so much better cause it has hihest score List and there you can make contests with the users and see their scores there. Game ss 1 Game ss 2 (score) I hope you think about it, for me it is a better one (Y) Thanks
  13. Naahh i just changed the flash i had . thanks (Y)
  14. i was trying to add the new embed of xat (html5) To my fanpage But it can't be added. but i had flash and it worked as well. There is a way to add it or is not working anymore?
  15. (maniac)  This Circle...

    1. Dimple


      What about the circle?!

    2. ider


      Is Rulling everything here XD 

  16. Hola Como dice kaay es posible que des ms informacion sobre la cuenta como por ejemplo: Que tiempo hace que no hacias login? Aparece algun error al dar click en Login? si es asi que error te aparece? Tienes acceso al correo (email) de tu cuenta? Si proporcionas mas informacion estoy seguro que se te podria dar una mejor ayuda en cuanto a tu problema y a la solucion. Suerte!!
  17. Hello These help topics require you to be logged in to a xat account. If you can not login, you will have to create a new ID before attempting to create the ticket. Then you create the ticket under "" Email change or Email hint " and explain to xat what happened. Make sure your subject is 5 or more words. You do not have to be a paid user to open a ticket in these help topics. Here is the link to create your Ticket. https://util.xat.com/support/index.php IMPORTANT: After sending the Ticket you have to wait patiently for it to be answered.
  18. Great Juni, i was testing it and it didnt work so i'm so glad to know that's coming soon. (Y)
  19. Hello Reserves doesn't increase in your account unless you purchase xats from the purchase page using a potentially refundable purchase method. Reserves decrease a certain amount each day until completely expired If you want, you can open a ticket in the "Payments Problems" department. For xat to investigate, this is in case the reservation time is not reduced. After opening the ticket, you must wait patiently for your answer. https://util.xat.com/support/index.php <Link to send the ticket. Good luck.
  20. There should be an optin to assign and Unassign a group power instead of buy or beside.
  21. Ok Thank you so much (Y)
  22. I have noticed that edit is still missing on HTML5 or at the least i cant see it.
  23. ider

    Free Templates

    Manoob, one year and half later im still wiating for my PC BG (D)
  24. For me is a good idea i just came to suggest it but i search and found your so i agree with it.
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