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  1. You haven't noticed that gold is limited? and what is gold price right know? probably Ruby could get up some week or even month but can go down too like gold that is why i suggest to get limited because imagine Ruby 80k 75k limited powers go up and down.
  2. Você não salvo o código que XAT que você deu? Se não salvo, então você deve enviar um ticket para o departamento perdeu Auth e você tem espera que eles respondem a você..
  3. Just a helper... Helping users is the best feelling you get on xat. (For me)
  4. Oh Yeaah, limited means that the power some times get down and some time get up, thats exactly how users can make profit. Nothing more to add after tthat you said. (Y)
  5. That's why the suggestion is not about having ep or not is about user can enjoy making some profit, however all users do when they are buying new powers now with Ruby they would have better oportunity. i agree with you
  6. Pc me hugo to see what you call cheap i have two cheap ids
  7. If you didn't know that is the price everypower should be now, before many expensive powers ep was about 290k after that was done big, namegrad, namewave, nameflag, and some other including Ruby, so Everypweor should be now 500k max 450-430k low price. Even sounds crazy that's the true.
  8. Thats why the idea is suggested people can't make profit with that being unlimited, specially traders who make profit if the power gets limited they will make good profit , powers unlimited doesn't allow users to profit just limited are good for. and as i said profit is money, just asking to traders you will know.
  9. Being negative will change nothing bro lets see what admin do with xat cause sadly xat is a nice and good social net but is getting empty. But i still have hope.
  10. For that i thins was Forum created for suggestions to @Admin eventhough some users just desagree with your suggestion even is good, admin or whoever created this forum for that and i think admin will focus on that.
  11. we are still here, so they can try it if they consider is good idea.
  12. All traders have seen that after Ruby was relased as unlimited all powers prices got broken, i think if Ruby get limited that could fix something the problem, and gets back the normal pricess of powers. That gonna give to users the oportunity to make profit = (money)
  13. what make the dunce feelling is the hat not the color of the hat.
  14. i support you idea phineas doing it dunce could have more options.
  15. i think that with a gcontrol would be better so if you are mod you can turn it red or blue...etc.