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  1. i know if you just change the id gift keep on the id you had. example i have like 30 gift which are when ares owned the id XD
  2. you didn't understand i mean gift u already have and you want to delete not the one you will send
  3. I think could be useful adding an option to delete or hide the gift of someone we don't want to be seen in our gift list. Till now just changing the id but imagine if is short id all gift i have will go to the person that i sell my ID that's why u suggest this option. ider(8888) Staff Official Ayuda
  4. without flashing would be like i showed on picture so nice pawn
  5. jajjajaja i was kidding lol as he kknow we are bbf i could get it long time ago but. @Manu Where is mine again?
  6. where is mine ?
  7. is so simple, you are the best Ugly Manu
  8. This seems Metal Pawn would be nice to add as pawn or keepping like Classic idk but look like nice.
  9. You haven't noticed that gold is limited? and what is gold price right know? probably Ruby could get up some week or even month but can go down too like gold that is why i suggest to get limited because imagine Ruby 80k 75k limited powers go up and down.
  10. Você não salvo o código que XAT que você deu? Se não salvo, então você deve enviar um ticket para o departamento perdeu Auth e você tem espera que eles respondem a você..
  11. Just a helper... Helping users is the best feelling you get on xat. (For me)
  12. Oh Yeaah, limited means that the power some times get down and some time get up, thats exactly how users can make profit. Nothing more to add after tthat you said. (Y)
  13. That's why the suggestion is not about having ep or not is about user can enjoy making some profit, however all users do when they are buying new powers now with Ruby they would have better oportunity. i agree with you
  14. Pc me hugo to see what you call cheap i have two cheap ids
  15. If you didn't know that is the price everypower should be now, before many expensive powers ep was about 290k after that was done big, namegrad, namewave, nameflag, and some other including Ruby, so Everypweor should be now 500k max 450-430k low price. Even sounds crazy that's the true.