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  1. Nice Sline, the BestxnoLCTP7RQCCoG1xWwPghA.png


    Bueno ahora espera pacientemente que de seguro Muffins te va a ayudar.
  3. FLGPWN 460

    it doesn't means removing anything means adding, and it will change anything.
  4. FLGPWN 460

    none knows @Samu btw @Admin Should allow the normal hat with this. Example (hat#t#hFdo) the normal wont affect the flag.
  5. FLGPWN 460

    Mav the Hats will be limited or unlimited?
  6. FLGPWN 460

    The hat isn't working with badge, and i think should work and would be nicer than with normal pawn
  7. New power (Catastrophe)

    The same is happning here in Dominican Republic, and is not celebration is commemorating it Could be it was a possible name when i was thinking about.
  8. New power (Catastrophe)

    The (Catastrophe) power include some natural phenomena, solar eclipse, lunar eclipse, earthquake, tsunami, hurricane... Focus on all this is happening.
  9. New option to hat with flag

    we already have many pawns, as the flag is right know is a good place i think.
  10. New option to hat with flag

    That means on my Birth Day the flag will be added because the independence day is my birth day too.
  11. New option to hat with flag

    Thats what i mean, i said i have seen it but with limited countries. what i'm asking is to allow all countries would be so much better.
  12. I have seen this new hat with Some flags, my suggestions is you add the option to add all our flag there for example i'm From the Dominican Republic then i just can put like this >> (hat#hDO), At the least in Ayuda users are asking for their own flag on their pawns. @Admin
  13. Hombre con nick femenino r loooool que payasada.

    1. Show previous comments  6 more
    2. Bau


      :d - That´s nice! Not everyone can become a girl! :$ 8-) xD

    3. ider


      looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool becoming  scammer  too?

    4. Bau
  14. 457 TRAVEL

    Nice job Qpim, are you planning to travel ?
  15. Tus hechos no dejan ver lo que dijiste. (hmm) 

    1. alejandrin


      hola  amigo  Ider (hug)

    2. ider


      Hola Ale