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  1. Happy birthday! 

    1. xSwag69


      Yoo Thanks Kale appreciate that!

  2. xSwag69

    2D Gifs

    I am selling 2D Gifs I go by the name Axe ID 399911126 If I'm not online just !mail me using FEXBOTS My price range go from around 400-500 for gifs I also make custom effects & sell current effects (2D Only) Images are a lot faster then they would appear on xat https://imgur.com/a/PMuxi < Album of Most of my Gifs I've made.
  3. My first entry KingDesign (399911126)
  4. xSwag69

    2D Avatars

    Selling 2D Avatars my prices very depends what you're looking for. If you're a designer yourself i do sell effects packs. examples of avatars I've made Those are just some of many avatars I've made for customers. If you're interested best way to contact me is using Fexbot mail or Pc'ing me or social media. Regname : AxeDesign ID: 399911126 Chat Name: Axe NOTE: PLEASE DO NOT USE ANY OF THESE AVATARS WITHOUT PERMISSION. any questions? just ask
  5. Thanks bro means alot
  6. I was always told there are two types of people in this world One that find excuses and one who find a way.
  7. I'm selling 2D gifs you can find me @xat.com/thearts or @xat.com/game or @xat.com/social


    my work https://imgur.com/a/PMuxi



    1. xSwag69


      my regname is kingdesign

  8. I'm selling 2D gifs you can find me @xat.com/graphics or @xat.com/game or @xat.com/social my work https://imgur.com/a/PMuxi -King
  9. xSwag69


    JordanGFXS (399911126) Thanks Nate You're Always here to help a good mate
  10. JordanGFXS (399911126) Thanks for this giveaway
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