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  1. BIG has lots of demand, there wouldn't be a need to make the power UNLIMITED for that specific reason. EGGY and STONEAGE however don't have much demand and making these powers UNLIMITED would increase it's demand and make more people buy and use these powers within ID auctions.

  2. Some powers have almost no demand in Trade currently e.g. EGGY, STONEAGE, CUBOID, CATNMOUSE, PONY, etc..



    MINING and CATERPILLAR used to be LIMITED and had barely any demand costing from 30 - 50 xats each. Since these powers turned UNLIMITED the price increased to 130 - 150 xats each.



    Make some of these powers UNLIMITED to not only increase the demand of these powers but to enable these powers to be used in ID auctions also.


    Let me know your thoughts!

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  3. No one is too bothered about the price. Maybe you should include more explanation about the power to give other users a clear understanding as to why you've suggested it. 


    Personally, CLOWN could be a nice little mix between SILLY and CIRCUS, as they link together in some way.

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  4. So I'm not sure if this power has been suggested before, but if it has feel free to link me to the original post so that I can credit them here.


    BATHROOM Power.


    What would the power be based around?

    The power would based off the different tasks involved in the bathroom such as, shaving, brushing your teeth, or taking a bath or shower. It would also include the different equipment used in the bathroom, for example, shampoo, conditioner, bar of soap, toothpaste, etc.


    Possible smileys?

    Smileys included could be:










    If you have any further suggestions, opinions and or criticisms then please let me know.

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  5. 1 hour ago, Crow said:

    Ah thanks. I still haven't claimed my shiny Gengar from October 2014! I walked into GAME feeling so embarrassed, asking for that code lol.


    The mystery gift girl in the pokemon center still has him, I think. I was resetting for good ivs/nature, and then forgot about him. :$

    If I remember correctly you got me a Shiny Gengar code. :p

  6. 2 hours ago, TinkerDoodle said:

    Personally I don't think this should be made into a power for various reasons 


    1. It won't ever be used in any smiles combinations or conversation
    2. They should really put their resources in game powers or powers with new mechanics.
    3. It will be like rocks or rice where it seems like a ploy for xat to get more money. 

    Unless you somehow add certain emoticons that are conversational, then I personally won't buy this power. 

    As I stated in the post, it could possibly be an add-on to the power Transport, meaning it would have additional smileys for users to combine. 


    Plus, the majority of powers on xat are like what you said, a ploy for them to make money, which I clearly understand and agree with. If they were to make new powers they could take more time creating better ones, rather than one each week, that may not have a lot of initiative put into it.

  7. I really don't think they will make a power based around the old smileys that were initially used on xat.


    If anything I feel xat should just add this to the GBack/Gline listing, which could allow users to revert the smileys on their chat back to the old ones.


    It's still a great suggestion, but I feel the concept of creating a whole new power on it is the wrong way to go.

  8. As we already have a power called TRANSPORT, I feel that we should have a completely new power relating to DRIVING/TRAFFIC, or possible add-ons to the existing TRANSPORT Power.


    Smileys could be based around the rules you need to abide by when driving a car on the road, for example...




    (Source found: http://www.clker.com/cliparts/3/7/1/3/1194984910785474358stop_sign_miguel_s_nchez_.svg.hi.png)



    (Could contain the combination of the 3 different lights)


    (Source found: http://www.clipartbest.com/cliparts/dcr/a7y/dcra7yMc9.jpeg)



    (Would contain a variety of different speed signs)


    (Source found: http://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0194/3447/products/30mph_speed_limit_sticker_large.png?v=1448458369)


    These are a few examples of what to include in the power. Feel free to post more examples relating to this power, or criticisms about the power, because this would've probably been suggested on the past forum page (Not saying it has, but there is a slight chance it already has been).



  9. Many people who are interested in ID Auctions may agree or disagree with me on this one, but here goes...


    There are not many LIMITED Powers used in ID Auctions and I feel that there should be more options of LIMITED powers we can choose from, rather than the standard KANGEL and BLACKFRIDAY.


    Here are some powers which I feel should be considered in upcoming and future ID Auctions, whilst providing information on their Store Price and Fairtrade Price (FAIRTRADE PRICES SOURCE: http://fexbots.com/tools/prices


    STONEAGE - Store Price 300 xats - Fairtrade Price 50 - 80 xats

    MAGICFX - Store Price 200 xats - Fairtrade Price 110 - 150 xats

    EGGY - Store Price 225 xats - Fairtrade Price 120 - 150 xats

    WEDDING - Store Price 250 xats - Fairtrade Price 120 - 160 xats


    I know there are many UNLIMITED Powers which are viable for use in ID Auctions, but I feel that if more LIMITED Powers were to be included, it would increase their demand for traders, therefore increasing their overall value when buying or selling.


    Any thoughts?




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