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  1. I may buy more ids in the future, but right now I am trying to sell the IDs I have left available.
  3. *UPDATE* There is only 4 IDs left, get yours now before all are sold out!
  4. What's your favorite smiley combination (smileys from different xat powers combined)?
  5. Sell 6 digit ID *SOLD* Sell 8 digit IDs *SOLD* *SOLD* *SOLD* *SOLD* *SOLD* *SOLD* *SOLD* *SOLD* *SOLD* *SOLD* Sell 9 digit IDs *SOLD* (115686532) *NOT SOLD* (118425921) *NOT SOLD* (129922793) *NOT SOLD* (130387758) *NOT SOLD* *SOLD* (132711168) *NOT SOLD* (135051504) *NOT SOLD* (135110175) *NOT SOLD* (138440850) *NOT SOLD* (169957650) *NOT SOLD* If interested then please contact me on xat by adding /f79489052 to a xat chat box Hound (79489052) Once an ID has been sold I will remove the ID and replace it with *SOLD*.
  6. GENERAL IDEA: I feel xat needs to let users know how many powers have been released for limited powers. For example, FROGGY has around 7000 released in total. A notification of this would make it easier for investors to know how many of a power has been released, which can help them to determine if the power is worth investing.
  7. My favorite Pokemon is... HOUNDOUR
  8. Hi my name is Ringo and I like doggos.
  9. If you could marry one person who would it be and why?
  10. Not sure if this was suggested before, but here goes... I feel that a tutorials section is missing from the forum, and I feel that if there was a section all to do with tutorials it would benefit users who want to know how to do certain tasks on xat, or around the forum. For example, tutorials could consist of How to assign a Power to a chat, How to use CSS, How to register/delete an ID and other tutorials. These were available in the old forum, however there is no reason why there shouldn't be a tutorials section in the new forum. Let me know what you think...
  11. I don't even know how to do that Crow
  12. I am from the United Kingdom!
  13. If you could text your past self (5 years ago) what would you say? CREDIT GOES TO SWIFTY FOR SUGGESTING ME TO MAKE THIS POST!
  14. What does Ghostery and TinEye do? Thank you for the suggestions Crow! Thank you for the suggestions Eleven!
  15. What are some extensions that are recommended to have while using the browser Google Chrome?
  16. If this was already suggested before I apologize, but I mean't for this to be more of a power than an everypower add-on...
  17. Different colors for EVERYPOWER pawn... If different colors for the everypower pawn were allowed it would allow other users who have EVERYPOWER to customize their pawns with different colors, whilst still providing the same EVERYPOWER effect. There would obviously be limitations and rules to some of the colors allowed to be used with this, as people may use this to abuse colors like black and cyan. What do you think?
  18. How many squares can you see?
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