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  1. BIG has lots of demand, there wouldn't be a need to make the power UNLIMITED for that specific reason. EGGY and STONEAGE however don't have much demand and making these powers UNLIMITED would increase it's demand and make more people buy and use these powers within ID auctions.
  2. Some powers have almost no demand in Trade currently e.g. EGGY, STONEAGE, CUBOID, CATNMOUSE, PONY, etc.. EXAMPLE MINING and CATERPILLAR used to be LIMITED and had barely any demand costing from 30 - 50 xats each. Since these powers turned UNLIMITED the price increased to 130 - 150 xats each. SUGGESTION Make some of these powers UNLIMITED to not only increase the demand of these powers but to enable these powers to be used in ID auctions also. Let me know your thoughts!
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  13. Buying 7-8 digit ids: Can be any numbers but must be within the budget of 21,000 xats or i can leave an offer. You're better to contact me through xat. Hound /f79489052
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