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  1. Some people like organization and some don't need it. Labeling friends can be a sensitive topic but to others it's not that big of a deal. I don't really go on xat anymore so it doesn't matter to me whether this is made or not, but powers aren't meant for everybody. If it doesn't fit your philosophy, you don't have to like it, buy it, or use it. 

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  2. Traveling is a lot of fun and I really enjoy it c: I mostly travel within the U.S. I've only gone outside of the country once when I went to the Philippines, which was so much fun! My mom was born in the Philippines so we have a lot of family over there. I celebrated my 10th birthday there and went to the Mall of Asia *drools* I love shopping.


    I hope to go to Italy someday with @Muffins :$ 

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  3. On April 25, 2016 at 11:09 PM, CLassified3 said:

    Got Drivers permit, Started exercising again (may as well right?). Getting good Grade in sophomore year of High School, got math grade up, 


    Friend zoned my crush in 3rd grade by accident


    Not accomplishing anything: 


    Still trying to figure out how to ask crush out...Still trying to figure out what I want to do in life. (WHOOPS not an accomplishment) 

    Psst... you'll be okay. Great job with the drivers permit @CLassified3, are you excited to start driving?

  4. 3 hours ago, Christina said:

    My accomplishments this year..Most are prob. too personal to mention.  I started a new job.  I got a new car.  I rediscovered myself  and found freedom.

    I learned that I can not do everything and to focus on what matters most in life and that it is ok to say no.  Most of all to be the best ME I can be, to love myself,

    and know in my heart I am the better person for it all.

    That's so touching to hear, and those are a lot of life lessons that are great to follow. I'm happy for you!


    3 hours ago, Nick said:

    Finishing out my sophomore year of college with all A's. I've been really good about going to the gym every day since the beginning of January, along with eating a lot better.


    I'm finishing out my sophomore year of college too! Congrats on everything, and I hope you have a great time working at the animal hospital o: sounds fun.

  5. What have you accomplished so far this year? Give yourself a pat on the back (: Tell me all about it.

    I've been getting really good grades in college and despite a lot of bad things happening lately, I've been learning how to love myself a little more. 



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