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  1. NOT YET omg. I need to save money first!! I really really want to get it soon though!!


    Have you ever attended school in a different country? (I might be able to study in Japan the fall of 2017 o:)




  2. 17 minutes ago, Flake said:


    Try using curveballs if you haven't already - it's been confirmed that they increase the odds of catching a pokemon. Also try getting Nice, Great and Excellent throws, which will also increase the odds of catching a pokemon (along with a larger XP bonus.)

    I would throw myself out a window for a snorlax. I <3 snorlax.


    thank you friend

  3. I've always been interested in writing and poetry. I've also been interested in acting back in middle school and high school (I always wanted to be a Disney Channel star)


    But right now I'm studying psychology, communications, and social work. Eventually I'd like to go to grad school for school counseling. 


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