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  1. yeet

    1. Lemona


      Jenna!! :o Hi cutie!!!! :$ 

    2. Mihai


      Happy Birthday 

  2. Maxo

    happy birthday jenna ;)

  3. Happy birthday Jenna!

  4. Happy Birthday  .. !

  5. Happy Birthday @Jenna! Enjoy your day (hug)



  6. Sanic? SANICCCC!!! (its ella) <333

  7. Jenna

    Yes or No

    yes have you took time to look at the stars tonight?
  8. Jenna

    Yes or No

    NO WAY I'm way too scared of horror films. I got scared watching Sharknado that's how much of a scaredy cat I am. Do you enjoy stargazing?
  9. Jenna

    Yes or No

    Yeah, valentines day is fun because I love buying myself chocolate Do you like owls? hoot hoot
  10. Jenna

    Yes or No

    NOT YET omg. I need to save money first!! I really really want to get it soon though!! Have you ever attended school in a different country? (I might be able to study in Japan the fall of 2017 o:)
  11. Jenna

    Yes or No

    nah Have you ever looked through a telescope? (its really cool I recommend 10/10)
  12. How do you find a pokemon near you? I don't really understand the little footsteps on the bottom right. I can't find the pikachu in my neighborhood
  13. I would throw myself out a window for a snorlax. I <3 snorlax. thank you friend
  14. I used Razz Berries and great balls. Still couldn't get it
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