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  1. i made a swf player and when i try to publish it on xat chat the player does not appear nega where i should i be the message i keep movis not loaded and i am looking for a fix since i have a radio for sale server
    and rtmp can help

    1. Leandro


      Can you please explain with more detail the problem you're having with your player? You can send a ticket to support.xatproject.com and explain it there with detail. In your native language if possible, since this is very hard to understand in English. You can send it in English, Portuguese or Spanish. @djmisko1234

  2. Stressed out (tomsize remix) is great. Have so many favs right now. Here's one:
  3. Yeah fairly certain it's copyrighted, like the troll face etc, just gave it a quick google. Love the power idea though, I'm sure there would be other ways to work a 'meme' power.,
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