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  1. To celebrate the continued development of the HTML5-based xat website and the end of the first monthly main ownership of the official HTML5 chat, I will be hosting a small round of trivia tonight. The questions will be HTML5 themed (with an emphasis on xat). I'll give away between 2000-2500 xats, and others users are welcome to host/donate more if they wish. The contest will begin around 7:00 PM Eastern (around 3 and a half hours from now). It will be held on xat.com/HTML5, the newest official chat. Hope to see you all there :-)
  2. Done school + quarantine = a lot more free time than I'm used to
  3. This is how it used to be for years. It's just broken. Anybody with the power and the Gcontrol rank should be able to control it whether they called it or not and when something's wrong it should PM the controller with the issue.
  4. I hope the new smiley makers work with you to make some of your suggestions. The effort you put in is admirable. Good work.
  5. Steven

    pride pawn

    There's no need to make accusations. Sydno is talking from a business perspective, not a personal perspective. That's pretty clear from his post. From a business perspective, it makes sense to consider the potential financial implications. However, I still believe it would be worth making it a power, and think that anyone bothered by it should just recognize and understand that LGBT people exist and making a power for them is just a nice thing to do, as they have made powers for many groups of people in the past.
  6. Steven

    pride pawn

    I don't think people should be too concerned with this. If you don't like it, don't buy it, or if you need it for EP just don't use the smilies. Powers like Christmas exist without argument by non-Christians, Emo gets no argument by people who aren't emo (lol), etc. etc.
  7. First I just want to say that this is a great idea that should add actual content and discussion to the forum. Much better than the "what is the air temperature in your city" thread, which is essentially just permitted spam... Next I have a suggestion; I think each person who's doing this should have their own thread or else it might get cluttered over time. Finally, my question: do you support duck rights?
  8. Steven


    To me the sticker "layout" is odd. I think this is better. Maybe add an option in account settings to change gif size (small, medium, large) so people can choose to shrink them so they don't take up a large portion of the window. Adjustable in user settings Gifs would be scaled down proportionately to width or height, whichever was smaller, of pre-sets for small, medium, large.
  9. @Mucahit very nice posts ️ lots of substance ️ very good content 

  10. transfer window claims I have 18000+ days... I wish, I had 4
  11. I'm sorry, but can you start posting all your entries in one post? You have been spamming this thread with an extremely high number of low-effort entries for weeks now and it makes it hard to find other entries or to just browse. Frankly I'm surprised it's been allowed to go on as long as it has.
  12. Decided to make a bit of a weird one For buttons, use #c93259 or #63c6cc Will make the outer a little less dark if you want
  13. Steven


    I agree with you here; it would likely reduce power sales. But from what I've seen, xat is struggling to compete with more modern alternatives like Discord, and I think embedded gifs are a basic feature of modern social media platforms and that adding them to xat would make the site more appealing, and thus more competitive long-term. I think the overall benefits outweigh the consequences of less short-term power sales. I think this is a great idea that probably should have been implemented years ago, but better late than never. I think they should be free, too, as they are on other platforms; the only way xat is ever going to compete with a growing list of alternatives is if they at least offer the same basic features free of charge.
  14. happy birthday, dumb dumb

    1. Arthur


      Thank you! ♥

  15. No offense, but listing things categorically isn't exactly an original idea that is difficult to think of. I don't think they dug into 3 year old forum posts to come up with it. I'm glad you care about xat and are taking the time to suggest things, but I don't think you should feel as if your idea was stolen.
  16. Ah, yes, these would look great on Sohbet!
  17. I think this is a great idea. We could make (@Arthur) and (@Lemona) smilies! Get on it @Junior
  18. Happy bithrday  "No members to show" u are my brother since we met frist day i lov u congeratulations on this age change ;)(hug) 

    1. Norman


      He's changed so much... 

  19. "I would much rather pay for a service I currently use for free," said no one apparently one person ever
  20. 2 ppl come play hearts @ xat5 

  21. PSA: you don't actually have to post happy birthday on every single user's wall if you don't even know who they are

    1. Leandro


      you do it if you want to get likes

    2. Angelo


      **Footnote: Especially if they haven’t been online in 1 year or more! The likelihood of them seeing it is very slim!

  22. Steven (400004803) When I post again despite that it's against the rules, maybe I'll make a "Reserved" post & edit the ID in later, just for a little bonus fun. That cool @Angelo?
  23. Is satire really that hard for some of you guys to understand?
  24. Steven

    Stop the days

    I think you should think harder about some of these suggestions you're posting. They seem to mostly be random, sporadic, illogical thoughts. Quality should take priority over quantity, here. This would completely defeat the purpose of subscription days. How would xat's admins benefit from removing a revenue source? They wouldn't. They would just lose money. Suggestions that will actually be considered, and ones that will be taken positively on this forum, are ones that would be mutually beneficial to everyone involved.
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