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  1. lol that's cool If these posts are considered spam, then 18 thousand people commenting "good luck" on every single contest post should be considered spam as well. Adds absolutely nothing to the discussion and is extremely annoying when you're trying to actually look for people entering the contest.
  2. No, 1k split between the townies. 10 people on your team = easier win = less reward.
  3. But if one won, the other would too (surviving would not be a requirement to win)
  4. 90% of the content there was just people posting to try to get forum mod, let's be real. The important content is on the wiki or other sources (xatalert, Help blog, etc) so I think removing it was fine.
  5. What on earth does this have to do with contests?
  6. But there would be many winners per game, especially if town or mafia won.
  7. For TOS, we're having trouble working out how it would work... if you've got ideas, I'm all ears
  8. this is so messed up its probably been messed up 800 times already bye
  9. For me Chrome is terrible... super slow and on xat it crashes. Firefox FTW, fast and the best looking.
  10. SATURDAY, MARCH 12 Everyone's favourite (and least favourite) game Flappy Bird! We will play a multiplayer version of Flappy Bird and the user with the highest score at the end of a certain time period (half an hour to an hour) will win 1000 xats. If you would like to practice on the site we will use, stop by Game and we'll give you the link (because each site is a little bit different). 3:00 PM EST/8:00 PM GMT. SUNDAY, MARCH 13 Instead of the usual rotations, we will host a Matchrace tournament for 1000 xats. 3:00 PM EDT/7:00 PM GMT. Keep in mind the times in North America change on this date, so the difference between Eastern and GMT will be only 4 hours instead of the previous 5.
  11. Please don't. I do not want to deal with her.
  12. I would like to suggest letting everyone play Snakerace. Right now you can only play if you have the power; no other games are like this, however, and it seems very unnecessary. Would like to hear more thoughts on this.
  13. No more gradients! No more gradients! No more gradients! I love Namegrad, but that should be it... any more would just be overkill and would make the chats very very ugly.
  14. Agreed. We (the chat mains who use this board, or even the mods) always contact the contest hosts if they don't follow the rules anyway. The old system allows them to change their post so they fit the rules (or give the prize to a holder, etc) and I feel like that's better than blocking their thread and leaving them confused about what they did wrong.
  15. Hi everyone, I wanted to hear what people think of the contests (and possibly ID sales) sections requiring new threads to be approved by a forum mod before they can show up. From my understanding this was done to prevent contests that break the rules, but Ryan has been an active forum mod and myself and the Contests mains are active in the section to report anything breaking the rules anyway. I feel that this process just slows down things unnecessarily; there are other ways to make sure rules are followed. Do you think requiring approval from a mod is a good thing? Or is it unnecessary? I'd like to hear more opinions on this!!!!!!!!!!!
  16. I like Game, and also Test and Contests.
  17. You know what they say... practice makes perfect
  18. Thanks to all who came out today for Agario! On SUNDAY (tomorrow), we will be playing GameBot games for xats (typical Sunday). There may also be a few bonus high level Snakeraces for higher prize. We will begin at 2:00 PM EST/7:00 PM GMT.
  19. I would rather not have to use a specific designer for my chat... but some sort of spotlight like Danneh said would be cool.
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