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    Now it changes to the (flag) smiley. Still typing (flag#wca). (flag#wus) works: Wolf has a theory... Update: big C works. Lowercase c does not. @Lemona so smart. But should probably fix this.
  2. Steven


    I type (flag#wca). I hit enter. It changes it to (flag#W_a), which obviously does not work. Does the same thing in my name. When I click on my name to change it, it still says (flag#wca), and shows the flag in the preview.
  3. Steven

    Rose Gold Pawn

    If they didn't want to introduce this as yet another pawn power, you could always make it an add on to gold. Maybe it takes 2 gold to unlock, or gold + pinkman
  4. Steven


    Betty Boop
  5. There is absolutely zero chance any sane volunteer would invest any significant amount of money into xat, even if they do love the site and help out where they can. Relying on volunteers to invest anything, let alone enough money to make any real impact, would be a terrible plan.
  6. Steven

    Reactions Features

    May I suggest the ability to see who has reacted even without days? I think requiring days to react is a good idea (it's been a long time since subscription days had new functionality!) but I think not being able to see who has reacted takes a bit away from the chatting experience, especially if you want to see who has reacted to your own posts, so I feel that should be a free feature. Maybe by clicking on the reaction bar or the smilies, it would just bring up the list of names?
  7. Same as @Kyle, Club Penguin trackers introduced me to the site, in 2009. Found official chats in 2012 when I started going to Doodlerace chat. I would get banned every day for arguing with Spell about the flood rule. Then I worked my way up to main owner and removed the flood rule. I win, Spell!
  8. Steven


    Do I think the admins paying more attention to the community and working with them to improve the site is a good suggestion? Absolutely. A lot of people here have great ideas and could absolutely improve the site if given the chance. I simply do not believe they ever will.
  9. Steven


    Good idea in theory. But what makes you think these ideas will be listened to or valued? Originally this was why the Contributors section was created; to voice the community's opinions on meaningful topics. In reality, the section is just political debates over extremely minuscule details around the site, like the number of days Events power should show. The group isn't contributing to any impactful decisions. Why would a Google form ran by people not even in that group hold any weight? And don't confuse this with me complaining, because I'm not. I wrote virtually this exact post years ago in that forum section. The admins can run the site how they please; we just have to accept that despite good intentions from the community, most decisions are made alone or with a select few. The only way this will ever work is if the admins actually want it to work.
  10. Saying "we all contribute equally!" is nice and all, but it's also quite disingenuous. Certain roles put more time and hard work in than other roles do. Admitting that isn't taking away from the contributions of those in smaller roles (e.g. a person whose largest contribution is through the contributor group), it's just recognizing the extraordinary effort and achievements of those in larger roles (such as a ticket volunteer who has been manning their position for years and is one of the most trusted confidants of the admins). Where you draw the line for recognition with this pawn is a very fair debate, but the existence of this line is not, in my opinion.
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