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Status Updates posted by Steven

  1. @Mucahit very nice posts ️ lots of substance ️ very good content 

  2. happy birthday, dumb dumb

    1. Arthur


      Thank you! ♥

  3. Happy bithrday  "No members to show" u are my brother since we met frist day i lov u congeratulations on this age change ;)(hug) 

    1. Norman


      He's changed so much... 

  4. 2 ppl come play hearts @ xat5 

  5. PSA: you don't actually have to post happy birthday on every single user's wall if you don't even know who they are

    1. Leandro


      you do it if you want to get likes

    2. Angelo


      **Footnote: Especially if they haven’t been online in 1 year or more! The likelihood of them seeing it is very slim!

  6. PSA: Nobody needs to know that you're "reserving" a spot for a background contest!!!!!

    1. HelperNate


      Right, because it only matters if they actually GET AN ENTRY IN!

    2. Angelo


      Say it again for the people in the back

  7. I36NfZF.png

    get your TEAM STAH merch here

    join the campaign

    vote for REAL CHANGE u can believe in

  8. stop tryna make the forum worse by whining about the rep system its beautiful


    thank u

    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. ANGY


      lol haha.


    3. Bau


      Lol hihi.

    4. Flake


      rep system is good so i can abuse like :^)

  9. why can't we like posts :(((( 

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. ANGY


      @Fiona At this moment I would like it xd.

    3. Injure


      The majority of this update is quite bad imo haha

    4. Bau


      Nope, this new update need more stuff to be added here!
      Admin Work in this now  OR Brandon Sir xD
      like post Will appear later here! Or never! Admin know this! To be added or not! :$

      Simple like - Will be replaced with smilies.  I think! Latter!
      For more info about this here! :$ xD


  10. hello,


    its me

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    2. Flake


      im not the sharpest tool in the shed lol

    3. Rhea


      She was looking kind of dumb with her finger and her thumb

    4. Steven


      i mustve called a thousand times

  11. shoutout to @Shake for the new high quality signature

    1. Shake


      it has been my pleasure. my DMs are open for everyone who wants one.

  12. My goal in life is to become a smiley maker. Please see my first work of art in my avatar.


    Thank you.

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    2. Paul


      btw when i say you broke the scale i mean as in it not good enough to be rated 1 :$ 

    3. Manu


      Too much creativity!!

    4. Flake


      funny cuz its actually better than the majority of smilies on xat lol

  13. plz stop whining to me when i mark someone elses answer best @the entire forum!!!!!!!!

    1. Bau


      I agree. :$

  14. anyone wanna be surveyed for family feud :):) plz say yes

    1. Bau


      Okay. yes, if you say. (shock)

    2. Harrison
  15. hey man this seems to be the new support board so I was wondering where I can go to buy the best pizza??? you better answer fast...

  16. Happy birthday!

    1. Jedi


      Thanks Steven (hug) (kiss) !

  17. Just breathing...

  18. I lost the game lol xd haha

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    2. Steven


      thanks I appreciate it

    3. Karl


      its okay steven one day im going to become an astronaught and then go to new york and eat an apple

    4. Guppy


      cringe nation

  19. Fifth post after maintenance lol!!

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    2. Flake


      • ur dumb
      • get out me car
      • im hungry
    3. Steven


      wtf did u just say to me man?


      I'm gonna call my lawyer...

    4. Flake


      • ffff


      1. y
      2. u
      3. always
      4. lyin
      5. mmm
      6. oh
      7. my
      8. god
  20. Cloud to be a try in someone's rainbow.

  21. Try to be a rainbow in a cloud's someone.

    1. Ryan


      Steven this doesn't make any sense. 

  22. Try to be a cloud in someone's rainbow.

    1. Flake
    2. 6


      Storm and Tornado will come for you. :o

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