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  1. Now @Lemona can never complain that my backgrounds are too bright ever again!
  2. Everyone who has worked tirelessly on this project over the past 3 years should be extremely proud of the work they've done. The transition to HTML5 was smoother and more effective than I ever could have imagined it being, and the chats function much better than they ever have!
  3. You make trade logs available but still use their contents to verify account ownership, and scammers WILL come up with social engineering tactics to trick users into giving up their logs and then using said logs to steal accounts. It would probably only be a few days after the changes were made before it started happening. Yes, such tricks could technically be possible now, but uninformed users are far less likely to accidentally share detailed and sufficiently thorough trade history by memory than they are to share logs that are offered directly by xat and feel more official.
  4. When I was a volunteer I never supported making this information available so I understand the other side of it -- with the current system, I have genuinely no idea how they would handle lost access tickets if the info was available. Sometimes trade history or similar information was really all we had to go by. But if providing this information is legally required, then I think they need to change their policies and find new ways to verify account ownership, even if that's a difficult task. The law is the law. The volunteers and admins are smart people and I'm sure if they really
  5. Trying to restrict who can buy what is the exact opposite of fighting for users' freedom. A cool ID is a luxury, not a necessity. There's no reason to hand out cool IDs to everyone who wants one.
  6. No reason not to. If a main owner is afraid of their staff getting reported through events, they should consider selecting better staff who they won't need to protect by hiding evidence.
  7. Totally unrelated gripe I've had for ages related to the home page: can the content scroller on xat.com (with the promoted chats, trade/game advertisements, etc.) all be the same height so a bunch of content isn't shifted up and down including the scroll arrows?
  8. These are fantastic updates. Much needed. Everyone involved should be proud of their work! My only feedback would be to re-design some of the old icons/symbols around xat to match the more modern style. For example, the 8 ball with its gradient and Times New Roman font looks outdated, and the "xats" coin icon looks very dated as well. I think a consistent, universal style would do wonders for the appearance.
  9. Steven

    "Ads" feature

    Completely agree. I've been one of the biggest banner ad users over the years and have always been frustrated that more than half the community will never see the ads.
  10. Final stats: Leandro 8 Stifler 6 David 4 Jasmine 4 Matt 3 Pupper 2 Crazy Boy 1.5 Lolo 1 Matheus 1 Ted 1 Thanks to Marco for donating 900 xats and Blacky for donating 200, and to everyone who participated.
  11. Congratulations Stifler! You deserve it. I hope the chat continues to grow under your month!
  12. We are about to start -- xat.com/html5 Also, questions will be asked in English but I will have translator on so if you want to answer in a different language, that is OK. Just be aware that translator is not perfect so I may not fully understand your answers.
  13. Trivia contest in half an hour! xat.com/html5 Come win some xats 8-)

    1. Lemona


      ~insert imaginary party smiley~ WooOoo!

  14. To celebrate the continued development of the HTML5-based xat website and the end of the first monthly main ownership of the official HTML5 chat, I will be hosting a small round of trivia tonight. The questions will be HTML5 themed (with an emphasis on xat). I'll give away between 2000-2500 xats, and others users are welcome to host/donate more if they wish. The contest will begin around 7:00 PM Eastern (around 3 and a half hours from now). It will be held on xat.com/HTML5, the newest official chat. Hope to see you all there :-)
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