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  1. I36NfZF.png

    get your TEAM STAH merch here

    join the campaign

    vote for REAL CHANGE u can believe in

    1. Daniel
    2. Jine


      yeah, I cheer you 8-)

  2. About time. Congrats!
  3. Steven

    Social Chat

    In my opinion, every official chat should serve a purpose that other official chats don't serve. Social originally did this when it was made to merge Freewebs and Facebook (both of which at one point served legitimate purposes), but since then it's pretty much been a lesser version of Chat, in my opinion. My suggestion is to come up with some reason why the chat is unique and should be official, and hopefully build a community around that topic/element.
  4. stop tryna make the forum worse by whining about the rep system its beautiful


    thank u

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    2. ANGY


      lol haha.


    3. Bau


      Lol hihi.

    4. Flake


      rep system is good so i can abuse like :^)

  5. Bau

    Steven last won the day on May 20

    Steven had the most liked content!

    Community Reputation, Congratulations for 1000 Distinguished, (shock) (hippo)(sman)

  6. Steven

    Titles and vote system

    I don’t think any of us with the title care too much about it, but I now hope it stays just because removing it now to cater to people who are still bitter about who has/doesn’t have it would be weak. This is such a non-issue, I can’t believe there is a legitimate discussion about it. (Actually, I totally can believe it, which is sad).
  7. Steven

    New version of xat "HTML5"

    That’s not true at all! I’ve seen some very modern mockups that are still very clearly xat, but with today’s popular design elements. Flat buttons, rectangles, a more modern font, round photos, etc. would make it a lot more modern but it would still undeniably look like xat.
  8. Steven

    New version of xat "HTML5"

    Go look at every modern successful social media platform and look at what they have in common. It won't take long, I promise! The bare bones are here, I just think there's a great opportunity here for improvement. I don't mean anything negative.
  9. Steven

    New version of xat "HTML5"

    I'm glad they're doing it, but I feel like this is a huge missed opportunity to improve the UI and make it more modern/user-friendly
  10. Steven

    How old are you ?!

    Congratulations on your birthday today flake much love 11 ha wow old
  11. Steven

    How old are you ?!

    This is quite a riveting discussion
  12. Steven

    Silent Kick Bots Power

    This has been a thing for a long time.
  13. I have never tried Pepsi. May be the only one on earth. I am also from Canada and have never tried poutine.
  14. Steven

    How old are you ?!

    actually you are 1.463 and that rounds down to 1 not 2. sorry.

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