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  1. Happy Birthday

  2. - Happy birthday .

  3. Happy birthday! 

  4. Happy birthday!

  5. Happy Birthday Chelly! (hug) 

    1. Chelly


      Thank u Sevda (hug)

  6. Happy Birthday Chelly!

  7. Happy Birthday!

    1. Chelly


      Thank u 

  8. Happy Birthday Pink!

    1. Chelly


      Thanks Charlie

  9. Goodbye everyone.

    I didn't want to make a thread about this because too many similar threads already exist and I don't want to make the list any longer, so yeah it's going to be a status instead. I've spent months trying to think of the right words to use and now the time has come.


    It's time for me to finally say goodbye.... to my ID.

    u shall be missed :( 

  10. Today, the user Angel ID 79351935 ban me on xat Hang for being "Annoying". I don't know why this happen and I'm so angry, please help, I thought Agnel is my best friend. thanx

    1. Chelly


      flake is not annoying


      flake is the best user on xat wtf is wrong with u :@ 

      i hope u get unbanned for dis mistake that was made

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  11. I miss when you ran Game chat... :(

  12. Hey guys I have a question.... Would you consider it creepy if someone remembers the exact date of your birthday? I'm asking for a friend.


    Also, I think the forum mod colour should be changed to pink.

    1. Chelly


      Thank you for the feedback everyone, my friend feels safer now.


      I'm still up for forum mod being changed to pink tho ://

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  13. Some of my posts or comments were deleted? uh

    1. Chelly


      happened to almost everyone


      look at others post count or rep and you'll notice some ppl lost some 

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  14. when was the last time when i posted on your profile ? :(

  15. when was the last time when i posted on your profile ? :(

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