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  1. Sell 8 digit ID (19032000)

    Still taking offers for the ID, feel free to message me

    meow Pingu (298980769)
  3. Abandon the Contributors.

    There is a discussion when someone is suggested to be added to the contributor group, it's not just "add bob because he's my friend". Let's say someone was suggested and they had a shady background, obviously contributors would be against allowing such a user to join the group. If you want something brought up in the contributors group, then just contact a contributor and they might bring it up in a future discussion.
  4. Abandon the Contributors.

    What a wonderful idea! Everyone should have access to what the contributors discuss because this will help improve xat tremendously.
  5. lucky numbers: win the lottery

    btw ppl can just do !randomnumber in pc and keep doing it until they get the number they want lol edit: I forgot to add my reg/id Pingu (298980769)
  6. Selling the 8 digit ID (19032000) Message me your offers or you can pc me on xat, you'll probs get a reply quicker if you message me on forum. add me on xat: /f298980769
  7. Sell 8 digit ID (19030303)

    ID has been sold, you can close this now.
  8. Sell 8 digit ID (19030303)

    Highest offer so far is 11k xats. If nobody is interested in offering a higher price, then I'll just keep the ID.

    Final Weekend Schedule Date Time Game Host Prize August 26th 9PM GMT+1 / 4PM EST TBA Chelly 2000 xats August 26th After first game Gamebot Staff 3000 xats August 27th 9PM GMT+1 / 4PM EST TBA Chelly 2000 xats August 27th After first game Gamebot Staff 3000 xats Since this is the final weekend and I was unable to host last weekend, the prizes have been increased. The contest type will be announced when the contest starts.
  10. when was the last time when i posted on your profile ? :(

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Bisha


      No. Wanna play town of salem?

    3. Chelly
    4. Bisha


      Let me finish my shower ;)

  11. Sell 8 digit ID (19030303)

    Yeah @JeanGraphics

    This weekends contests will be postponed to next week. I'll post the schedule for that in the next few days.
  13. Favorite anime openings/endings?

    There's probably more, but I can't really think of them right now lol.
  14. New app

    A similar suggestion to this was already made a few months back: I understand that you're keen to post your suggestions, but please at least take some time to use the search function to see if it has already been suggested by someone else. In the future, please take the time to read the guidelines before making more posts.