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  1. Gonna keep this on sale till June ish. If nobody is interested buying it by then, I'll just keep it.
  2. Hello, my name is Jeff Chelly. Do you want to win 2000 xats? Yeah, me too lol. Here's what you'll need to know for a chance to win: Write a creative piece about xat. This creative piece can be a poem, song, story etc - whatever you desire. You're free to write whatever you want for your creative piece, but obviously there will be some rules that are listed below. RULES Don't copy/steal the work of others. If you're going to get ideas from other sources, please link the source in your post. This should be pretty obvious but keep it appropriate. You may only submit two entries. You can write about some topics, but don't write about something that'll cause drama or arguments on this thread - you'll be instantly disqualified from this contest if you do so. Don't post on this thread unless you're entering. If you like someones entry, tell them instead of taking up precious space on this thread. A few ideas/scenarios: The future of xat The past of xat The invasion of Roberto Your first experience at Flirt Your favourite memory on xat Xat becomes a meme You're allowed to write about events that have happened on xat, but keep in mind this has to be creative so feel free to over-exaggerate some details in your entry. Possible prizes: If we get 5 entries 500 xats will be added as a prize. If we get 15 entries 1000 xats will be added as a prize. If we get 30 entries 1500 xats will be added as a prize. If we get 50 entries 2500 xats will be added as a prize. Current prizes: 1st place - 2000 xats Number of entries: 2 DEADLINE - June 19th 12:00AM GMT+1 Winners will be announced shortly after the contest ends. Better get your thinking caps on because it's time to be creative! Think you can win? Then jump right in! (I'm cringing right now...) If you have any questions feel free to message me. We would be happy to see users participate, so good luck to anyone entering!
  3. When a bat manages to fly into yo room and it's like........

    the typos are real


    nice weather today tho

    1. Show previous comments  6 more
    2. Fiona


      OMG LOL

      It happened to me last year. I still scared lol

    3. Bau
    4. Chelly


      @Crow It just flew around my room and I freaked out. Scary thing is that my window was barely even open, I'd expect like a fly or something to be able to come in but a bat isn't something I was expecting.


      Literally felt like I had a heart attack, think I was crying at one point lol.


  4. C H E L L💜🦄 ~

    1. Chelly


      H I


  5. bump someone pls buy this
  6. This thread is being closed. You've been given a justified reason for why some of your posts were removed, if you have any further complaints please take it to private message. Hopefully this experience has taught you a valuable lesson - read the guidelines.
  7. I wanna be the very best, like no one ever was. pokemon reference lol
  8. I think you might be a little bit late @Bau @SeroReyis
  9. Selling the 8 digit ID (19030303) You can make an offer on this thread, private message me on forum or contact me on xat /f19032000 (nopc is off most of the time). You'll probably get a quicker response if you message me on forum tho.
  10. I can confirm I've received my prize.
  11. I'm all out of love what am I without you, I can't be too late to say that i was so wrong..... I want to come back and carry me home. Away from these long, lonely nights. Chelly (19032000)
  12. Respond back to the private message I sent and it'll be sorted out.
  13. omg lol ur my fav vol too!! (at the local chicken shelter)