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    cod error

    This was brought up to me earlier by someone else. It's probably either a bug, or something that's currently being worked on. Many chats are experiencing the same thing, and before the "test!", it appeared to be a banner of some sort. I figure it's probably being worked on now, hence the "test!", so it shouldn't be long before it's fixed.
  2. Merry Christmas / happy holidays to everyone! (cute)

    1. Lemona


      Merry Christmas Kyle!! 

  3. I was just the one assisting you on Help. It seems like we got it squared away. If you are getting "E28 - Account deleted.": A ticket is required under the "Account block" help topic for more information. You can use incognito mode (private browsing) on Chrome, or something similar, to be able to open the ticket using the e-mail address of the account with the error (since you are unable to login to the account). It didn't appear to work for him for some reason, so I'm not sure if a newticket request is always required to open the ticket, but it was in this case.
  4. Make sure to search it without the quotation marks if you haven't already. If you still don't see it, that means you used a different email address to create the chat group. You can then login to any other email it might be, and look for the same email. (Make sure it's the group activation email, not just any email from info@xat.com)
  5. Login to your email account (not xat). You should see an email from "info@xat.com" that contains the activation link to activate the chat group if it's the correct email. If you don't see that email, then you must have used a different email account to create that chat group.
  6. Are you certain it is the correct email you are trying to use? You should have an activation email for the chat group from xat, if that is the correct email. See if you can find it. If not, it is most likely under a different email. You can login to the possible emails and check for that activation email on them as well.
  7. Kyle


    Hello Xgolanasu2017, First type the powers into your chatbox, for example: (gscol) (gline) Then click the smilies and a box should appear. Click assign, then go into the chatbox settings to enable it (check the boxes) Afterward scroll all the way down to save the settings and you should be good! Important note: At the current moment, you may have to use the Flash version of xat (i.e. xat.com/help?old) to assign the power. After that, you should be fine with the HTML5 version.
  8. While it does need some optimization, I am impressed with how far it’s come. Pretty indistinguishable from the old Flash version to an untrained eye. Props to everyone who helped - & to new beginnings!
  9. I see your point, but there are (to be fair, pretty unlikely) situations that it could still be "useful" to said phisher. For example, say if a phisher was able to remotely access an account but a high reserve limit prevented them from getting everything. They could download the data in hopes of unlocking the account at a later date on their IP or VPN. Again not a very likely situation but it's important to pay attention to the way things can be exploited. I believe having logs readily available (immediate) gives it more of a chance to be exploited. Logs, of course, aren't the only
  10. I understand the suggestion, but there are some issues here. Who would determine who gets the pawn? How would it be determined? What’s the criteria? What is the overall point of it? I could see something being added to distinguish the Volunteers, being as it’s pretty important to know if you’re talking to one or not, but you could always verify via wiki/Volunteers. I feel like I requested something like that in the past, but admin wasn’t too fond of it. Overall I don’t think it’s worth the headache that would come along; people would be s
  11. I completely agree. For the people that grew up on the “classic” smilies, this would be a great addition for them. If this gets added, @Angelo must enable it at Help
  12. Kyle

    fell server

    We don’t really have any information on it, other than they are clearly working on them now. It’s been going on for a while at this point, maybe it’s close to over
  13. Kyle

    fell server

    I think a “Maintenance” banner would be nice if is going to rebooted or worked on numerous times. I was sitting at Help talking to myself until I refreshed (3 times) edit: 10+ times
  14. This is an interesting topic, I like it. I think that (probably a lot of us) have been on xat for many years- I personally started in late '09. Many of us grew up together and watched each other grow and mature over time. I think xat being a part of our childhood & the friendships we've made over the years is what brings us back, even if for a short period of time. I've "quit" a few times in my day, usually just due to life, but have always found a way back. I believe what keeps people coming back is rekindling those friendships and seeing old friends you haven't seen in maybe
  15. Not sure why this hasn’t been added yet to be honest. If xat has a smiley for having Allpowers, then it shouldn’t be too far fetched to be able to select them all within the trade app (they must be marked one way or another). Also seems fairly simple to have the doubles selection - just any power you have multiple of, it’ll add one of each of them to the trade. I’m sure many would find this useful. I suppose it’s more of a “quality of life” improvement, but I’m sure people still try to remove some powers at the last second. Overall, I believe it
  16. Kyle

    pride pawn

    There is no reason to not add rainbow pawns in support of Pride month. Someone's views on the matter has absolutely no relevance in the situation. It's not xat "taking sides", love is love and anyone who would get mad at that deserves to be mad...
  17. Thank you for the birthday wishes everyone ❤️

  18. The ticket is now closed. You should be able to open a new one. If you have any other questions, feel free to open a new topic.
  19. Shameless is a good one - I watched all of the seasons a while back. Another really good one is How to Get Away With Murder, if you're into dramas. Currently watching The Flash.
  20. Charlie received his code.
  21. Which platform do you play on?
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