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  2. Good chance it was just made for testing purposes or something. Not 100% sure on the reasoning behind it in the first place.
  3. It was "zzzMachoNacho" at one point, but it was deleted. I assume it was an Admin account though, not a normal user.
  4. 3 digit IDs always come from Admin. I wasn't aware of the Ajuda and Ayuda ones, but the 111 and HELP were both an old volunteer named Spell. They came from admin for whatever reason he seen fit, often helping out xat in a noteworthy way.
  5. I can see your point about volunteers not being publicly known, but I think a lot of problems come with that. If the wiki article was removed, that's one less way to discredit the people that claim to be a volunteer. This could just make it easier for them. Though, clearly, the victims didn't check the wiki article. I'm more for discrediting the fakes, as opposed to "promoting" vols - that's why I wouldn't disagree with having an in-chat indicator. The more ways to discredit the fakes, the better in my opinion. I don't think any real volunteer-related talk should really being going
  6. I've personally suggested adding some type of verification for volunteers in the past as well. I think it is very important to have, because users will overly-trust people who they believe is a volunteer. There is no doubt an indication for volunteers would be beneficial in the grand scheme of things. On the other hand, regarding resellers indication, I could see it not being added due to resellers not exactly being "official", but more-so "trusted" - meaning resellers aren't exactly endorsed by xat. Though, I still do believe there is a case to be made regarding resell
  7. Kyle

    Redirect Script

    Fortunately xat has the Redirect group power- which you can use to redirect one chat group to another. You would need to purchase this power in order to redirect a chat. For more information about the Redirect power, and how to use it, visit this wiki article: https://xat.wiki/Redirect (you can translate the article to your native language)
  8. I like the idea in theory. However, deleting or editing messages (even though they're your own) could lead to some misleading screenshots, reports, etc. It could be combated a bit by only allowing you to edit/delete them if the other person has you added. So, for instance, you couldn't PC someone random on Trade like "500 for x power", they say "trade", then you edit it to 5000 and say false trade. Or, there could be something very apparent saying "edited" with the previous version(s), or "deleted", to fight against that as well. I think maybe a power where: prior to se
  9. Kyle


    Just spoke with him on Help: turns out it was a 3 day hold due to disabling account protection. It's been 3 days, so it should only be a few hours left.
  10. Kyle


    Could you provide the error message you received when trying to transfer/trade? We can't see the amount of time left on your hold, but the error should specify it, if it's between a 3 & 30 day hold that is.
  11. Yeah... let's stay on topic. When has having multiples of similar powers ever stopped a new one from being made? Almost never... You can disagree with weekly powers, but ultimately it is what it is. I think as long as it's mostly different, it's really not a problem (not that we actually have a choice in the matter). I would doubt a previous power being significantly updated- it's lost profits in reality... A lot of people buy new powers to keep everypower; so it's going to sell regardless... I personally like the suggestion because there are examples t
  12. Considering the time we're living in, an actual subscription would make a lot of sense to have a more consistent payoff. It's important to thoroughly think through the benefits and pricing, as well as taking preventative measures against any issues it may introduce. A discount on built-in xat functions (promo, short name, group purchase etc) should definitely be a perk (15-30% imo). A discount on unlimited powers could make sense too; although it could have a negative effect in terms of power pricing. Too generous of a discount & they could drop pretty significantly
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