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  1. Bought Clear 4800 xats Kyle (143742)
  2. Good rebuttal. It does help in the sense to know when one is, soon, being released for sure. Although, this almost nullifies the need of xat's social media for these EP users. I suppose if it's something like an hour without the power being released, then it isn't so bad. But one could argue it's somewhat of an advantage; since the Everypower users know it's broken and will release soon, but if you don't have Everypower then you (generally) won't know until the notification. Ultimately I guess it doesn't matter too much. I figured it might've been overlooked, but I see it could have some upsides.
  3. A simple suggestion, in theory: Don't break Everypower with powers that haven't been released yet. I figure that Everypower goes based on the powers in the store; and since the new is technically in the store, although unreleased, it breaks everyone's Everypower. It's probably a fairly short time from when it's first in store to when it's released, but it's a bit of an annoyance when you can't currently buy the power to complete it again. I've noticed this a few times upon releases, and all in all it's not a huge deal; but if it could be changed to only break once the power is officially released, that'd be ideal imo.
  4. Reminder: Codenames event is TODAY at 5pm EST! (5 hours from time posted) Hosted by @Anush & I
  5. I really stepped on a metal rake and the wooden handle came up and hit my cheek bone... I thought I was in Tom & Jerry for a second

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    2. Kyle


      Fortunately it’s not on recording (toj) I am fine but I have a mark on my face now..

    3. Loba
    4. Kyle
  6. Acem


    1. Kyle


      hello there

    2. Acem


      Are you in a chat? To talk?

    3. Kyle


      Sure, I'm on xat.com/Help

  7. Having it as a power could be problematic, since xat would be making revenue off of it. That’s no good for trademarked / copyrighted things. But I think it would be pretty cool if it could be implemented. It would have to be free though, if it’s even possible, like (mario)(sonic) etc. I’d definitely use them!
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